What are the mistakes you identified in your previous attempt in UPSC Prelims crash course CSE ?

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I failed my first two Prelims crash course . For someone who had not even made it to the second round at college or in school it was a massive surprise. In reality, I was the epitomist of all kinds of urban distractions including good food, great clothes and so on. I didn’t realize that the root of my failing lay within me. You shouldn’t want to pass the test if you’re not doing your best to achieve it.

Why did I fail my first two times at the very beginning of the process?

 (a) 1st attempt and overconfidence:  that I’ve completed all my reading and will be pass even though I’d reviewed my entire course, not ever once, and had only gone through some topics, like Geography as well as Art and Culture, because I was not a fan of these subjects.

(b) Second attempt: lack of confidence. Even though I had correct notes for each area I had to revise my notes again. not up to date.

I had figured out how to solve many exam papers without thinking about the concepts with enough clarity, and I hadn’t updated my notes. Also, I had shiningly Prelims crash course not completed the last year’s papers.

A slight alteration to the questions here (:P) I’m not going to elaborate on what I’m going to do however; I will share how I did it. I not only passed the prelims, but I went on to get Rank 35 in CSE 2021.

  • Be sure I had a solid conceptual understanding of each topic. Even for a complex area like ‘Art and Culture I had read Nitin Singhania and created numerous notes for the book, as well as note-taking notes for specific subjects like dance styles and music, etc.
  • I was able to solve the previous year’s exam papers with an interest in reverse engineering, and figuring out the manner in which questions are being asked by UPSC and what sections I should be focusing on. 
  • For instance, in the field of geography, the focus over time has been about the locations of resources, the location of cities, etc. Therefore, my approach in reading the text was formulated in line with. 
  • Actually, I’d already revised my last year’s assignments, since there is a possibility of repetition.
  • A faster completion of the course I was once told by Tirthankar Sir, that as work expands to fill up time’, it is important to not become stuck in one area and complete the course as quickly as is possible. 
  • Therefore, I completed the first chapter of the prelims course in the month of January, despite the fact that I had still given some time for my optional.
  • 1000 revisions: metaphorical but also a lot of revising of my notes in the form of short ones and re-reading of texts.
  •  My sub-conscious has been trained to be able to function in stressful situations and with anxiety.
  • SFG: A cleverly created course that allows for a concentrated successful completion. The course allows filling out the OMR sheets an easy task It’s a great course!
  • Revision of some tests that I didn’t do well on.

My failure in the upsc exam of 2021 was very unfortunate. I was at my best In General studies, and in Optional.

But I failed in an unusual subject: English language paper (for those who are not from the field of upsc). English language is an exam that you need to pass to pass to be eligible. There isn’t a lot of people who fail in this area and I was fortunate enough:) 🙂

I was apathetic for a whole year. Once again, I had to build the strength.

These three months were among the most difficult in my life.

When the result of the mains exam came out, I was expecting an interview call.

My name was not listed and the UPSC Prelims crash course will not release the result until they have the final list. For three months, I was thinking about the reasons.

I was waiting with anticipation to pass the test, but I found myself in the area that I had least expected to be in for essay writing  .

A year later, I received my payment with grace.

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