Premium Quality Leather jackets For Bikers in 2022

Kawasaki Ninja Jacket

Leather jackets are very important for bike riders in order of safety. Leather jackets ensure the safety of the riders. In bike riding, accidents may happen in which you may get hurt or injured. But by wearing motorcycle leather jackets, you will not only get protected from injury or scars, but also you can protect yourself from wind or storm.

We manufacture and sell many jackets in Lycos gears when talking about motorcycle jackets. But one of the best collections is the Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Jacket. It is the best jacket because of its protection features and color, looks, and demand.

Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Jacket

The best thing about the Kawasaki ninja jacket is the armor protection used in manufacturing the jacket, which will defend you against any mishap. It will protect you from injury or hurt.

Kawasaki leather jacket is a premium, classic brand-named jacket that is manufactured by using high quality. Safety and performance features include:

  • An internal CE Armor.
  • External shoulder protection.
  • Leather overlay.
  • Ample stretch to allow mobility when riding.

Important Features of Features Kawasaki Ninja Jacket:

  • Thick Top-grain Genuine Cowhide with excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Pre-curved sleeves that provide comfort and ease of riding.
  • Genuinely sturdy YKK zipper on the Front Cuffs, Trouser Ankle, and the Front to Shine.
  • External CE knee Sliders that are CE.
  • Stretch Material is used in the Crotch, behind Calf, and under the sleeves to give maximum stretch.
  • Velcro to attach the Knee Sliders is stitched.
  • Double-stitched main seams to ensure Outstanding tear resistance

Lycos gears is a brand that has gained a well-known reputation in the online market. As manufacturers and sellers, we manufacture a product according to the customer’s choice. We have our infrastructure and trained staff who care for customers’ every need. We sell high-quality leather and use imported materials used in manufacturing jackets. Lycos gears also have special offers on every product.

Monster Motorcycle Jacket

A leather jacket during the bike ride is a great safety for the bike riders. It can assure you the protection of your body from huirts and scratches you may get during any mishap. As per the demand, many online stores start selling motorcycle gear. But Lycos gears are best if we talk about motorcycle gears and leather jackets.

As in Lycos gears, we have a lot of motorcycle leather jackets, but one of the best leathers we have is a Monster Energy Motorcycle Racing Leather Jacket. It is best and secure for you as our all products. As we are sellers but manufacturers at the same time we take care of customers’ needs and demand, and we will manufacture the jacket according to your choice.

Monster Motorcycle Jacket

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Monster energy jacket come in a unique style and color. We use the best leather for the manufacturing of the jacket. Leather is a secure material as it gives protection against injuries. But you can also wear a monster motorcycle jacket in bad or cold weather as it also gives a portion against the bad wind.

The best element of a monster energy leather jacket is armor protection which gives great protection from accidents during the bike rides. It will not harm your body. Many of the online stores sell jackets without the armor protection. But from Lycos gears, you will get what you order.

Specification Of The Product

  • Made of 100% genuine cowhide leather.
  • Extra Padding with armor on shoulders, chest, back, and lower back.
  • In front, there is a Zipper closure and zippered hand pockets.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps with zipping.
  • Removable thermal liner and Mesh are lining Inside the jacket.
  • Zippered cuffs Advanced Motorcycle Jackets made by AZ’s CE Approved Armor.

In Lycos gears on every product you may buy, you can get an exciting discount of 10%. Besides the leather jackets, we also sell other motorcycle gear and many other clothing products.

MV Agusta Motorcycle Jacket

MV Agusta Motorcycle Jacket

MV Agusta Motorcycle Jacket is the best motorcycle leather jacket and safety gear for motorcycle riders. Leather jackets give protection from injuries or damages and bad climates and protection against rain. We could talk about the most famous qualities of an MV Agusta jacket such as material, stiching, durability, size and many more.

If we talk about the material of the jacket then you should not worry about it. As we use 100% original leather. As a manufacturer of the MV Agusta Motorcycle Jacket we will never compromise on the material of the product. Majority of the motorcycle riders demand for the leather jacket as they feel secure and comfortable in it. Also they can wear it in bad or rainy weather.

Durability also the quality of our product as we use genuine leather which impacts the durability of the product. Riders demand for the product which they can wear for seasons. Because it may be difficult for them to change there motorcycle jacket every season.

Stichting of the jacket is also a very important quality of the mv agusta jacket as durability of the jacket is dependent on the stitching. Some people got very confused on the sizes of the jackets and also on other products as they gave orders of some order size and got something else. But in Lycos gears, you will get what you will order. And also, in lycos gears, you can avail a discount of 10% on every product you buy.

Product specifications

  • External Knee CE Approved Elbows, Shoulders, Elbows, and Back Protectors.
  • Outer Knee Sliders with Adjustable Velcro.
  • Additional padding of rubber to ensure the protection of critical components.
  • Pre-Curved Sleeves can be used in place of proper riding.
  • 100% Genuine High-Quality 1.3-millimeter Cowhide Leather
  • Certified armors approved through CE.
  • Crashes prove that both tracks exist.

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