Prepaid Card: 4 best

The prepaid credit card is a relatively new type of financial transaction, which basically works like a prepaid cell phone; that is, it is possible to use it after recharging the chosen amount. And if the balance runs out, just top up again to use it again.

It’s as simple as it sounds and has numerous advantages, such as not requiring a bank account to open and increasing control over your spending.

Discover below more advantages about using this type of card and the main options present in the current market.

What is a prepaid card?

The prepaid card is a relatively new payment method that works like a credit card but needs to be recharged to be used. All transactions are carried out to consume the credit present in it until it runs out. If this happens, just reload it again.

This modality was regulated by the Central Bank in 2014, but since then, it has become a very attractive option and has been conquering many customers for its ease, and also for the fact that it does not require opening a current account.

However, as with any card, it is necessary to be responsible in its use so as not to get financially complicated.

How does this type of card work?

These cards basically work like a prepaid cell phone; that is, you can use it after recharging it. As you use it, your available balance decreases.

Like the other cards, they have brands, are accepted in several ventures, and it is possible to check the balance and card statement through the application or website of the contracted financial institution.

To use it, just tell the attendants that the payment will be made on the prepaid card and will be on credit if the purchase is made in person. Otherwise, just select the credit card option on the website or application you are using to make your purchases online, and that’s it!

It is extremely simple and practical.


The main advantages of the prepaid card are:

does not have an annuity

Prepaid cards do not have an annual fee. Thus, it is a great option for those who do not want to pay this type of fee, which is usually charged in other modalities.

expense control

It is a great alternative for those who want to control spending and put their financial life in order since it is only possible to spend the amount present on the card. With this, it becomes more practical and possible to spend only what was planned.

No proof of income is needed.

Unlike other financial modalities, it is not necessary to prove income. To use the prepaid card, just ask a financial institution and top up with the desired amount.

No minimum age is required.

It can be requested by anyone, even minors. Just have valid documents, such as CPF.

It is approved on time.

Approval is immediate! It’s really very simple and easy.


With this card, you can avoid going around with banknotes and running the risk of being stolen.

In addition to all this, it is also possible to request a corporate prepaid card. Make sure the financial institution you chose offers this option as well. 


However, there are some disadvantages:

have fees

Although it does not charge an annual fee, there are other fees included, such as membership, withdrawal, recharge, and issuance of a duplicate. Check the rules of the financial institution you hired.

do not allow installment

It is not possible to pay your purchases in installments, as it is not guaranteed that you will have a balance in the next few months.

Have movement limits

The amount is specific to each financial institution. However, generally, the maximum amount is R$ 3000.00.

Ways to top up a prepaid card

A lot depends on the financial institution hired. However, in general, the main forms of recharge are through account debit, bank slips, and deposit.

The 4 most used prepaid card options on the market

Even though it is a relatively new modality, the volume handled with this type of card increases every year and conquered new users. As a result, the options for prepaid credit cards offered by the market also grew. Below, we list the most used.


Requests for prepaid cards can be made through the Access website or application, and top-ups are made through payment of bank slips or bank account deposits at Banco do Brasil, Itaú, or Bradesco.

The initial charge is R$100.0, and top-ups with amounts above R$500.00 are free of charge. In addition, recharges via bank slip, deposit, and account debit also does not have fees.

It has a Mastercard brand and, because of that, it is accepted in numerous stores and restaurants. In addition to allowing online shopping on sites in different countries.

insurance pay

Mastercard Pagbank is one of the best known in Brazil and can be used to pay your children’s allowance, control your monthly expenses, pay for your travel expenses, shop online safely, and much more. In addition, it offers customers discounts on Mastercard Surpreenda, has proximity payment technology, and enables purchases and withdrawals in Brazil and abroad.

super digital

Superdigital ‘s prepaid cards carry the Mastercard brand and are accepted in several commercial establishments. For those who do not yet have a Superdigital account, it is then necessary to register and request the physical card, which will arrive in 10 business days. Otherwise, just enter the application and go to organize cards, and click on order new card. To top up, simply select the amount in the app and add it to the card.

In addition, it is also possible to request additional cards to distribute to your family members or to have a card for each type of expense (leisure, essential expenses, supermarket, etc.).



Visa prepaid cards are accepted at numerous commercial establishments and have several international options, such as Visa TravelMoney and Visa TravelMoney Platinum. In addition, it is possible to use them in online purchases and in physical stores, and Visa allows the user to register on the Vai de Visa platform, which offers exclusive and unmissable promotions.


It is necessary to be aware of the news that the financial transactions market presents every year, as some of these new options can bring benefits and control to your financial health, such as the prepaid credit card.

Finally, don’t forget to make thoughtful and studied financial decisions, so you don’t get tangled up, and always keep track of your expenses.

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