Prepare Your Rugs before Welcoming Summer

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People lay rugs in the floor as furnishing of the room. Over the course of time it experiences most tear and wear due to vigorous use and high foot traffic. Soon, it accumulates pet hair, pollen, dust and dirt including other allergens.

As a result, it appears dingy and dull affecting health of the family members along kids and pets. In fact daily vacuuming can’t help in complete removal of debris and dirt as well.

Also homeowners don’t have any idea the degree of dirt and muddiness of the rugs until they hire any professional to clean them. While summer is on the way, it’s the right time to clean the rug professionally and set your home to welcome summer. 

Professional rug cleaning benefits

With time debris and dirt will settle deep down in the embedded fibres of the rug. Woven rugs comprise of tiny pockets for holding debris and other dust particles available in indoor air. As a result it holds on thousands of dirt prior to appear muddy and matted down.

Therefore, it is clear that it includes varied allergens making the members of your family, pets and kids sick due to compromise of immune system. Nonetheless, this accumulation leads to splitting of fibres damaging the piece beyond repair.

Any professional rug cleaning company uses commercial cleaning machines and cleaning products for removing the dirt. Professional cleaning will extend the lifespan of the rug by preventing it from further damage.   

High traffic spots and rugs

The rug in the high traffic spots like living rooms, bedrooms and hallways has a tendency to become dirt fast. This is so; because people offer footprints to those spots frequently making it dirtier and wearing down quicker than ever. Due to this, it detracts the whole appearance of the rugs.

When there is holidays, pets and kids spend more time out of the house, coming to and fro. This results in deposition of mud and dirt on the surface of the rug ruining the whole goodness. Along that, it promotes the accumulation of the dirt and germs which host in the piles of the rug. By cleaning it professionally you can obtain fresh and clean rug in the end.

Pet urine and stains

Rugs suffer from spills during hot summer months. Most spills bring the risk of staining some of them damage the rug in an irreversible way. Hence, you should not scrub or rub the spill as it spreads the stain further.

Moreover off-the-shelf and DIY cleaning solutions can worse down the condition of the situation. The problem is acute with old rugs as unstable dyes were used in those days. With professional cleaning rug can pass the dye stability test for ensuring proper treatment and wash.  

Any pet urine including dogs and cats are not only odoury but it will also stain and burn the rug. You can eliminate the smell but cannot treat the stain. Basically you have to careful with the pet’s diet and kinds of piles of the rug along with the ability of its dye.

That’s why you should speak with the professional rug cleaner who will determine the rug’s condition and provides honest estimation to clean it. The estimation will comprise stain removal and damage treatment cost too. 

7 profession rug cleaning steps

Before you welcome the summer, clean the rug by a professional. By this way you promote to healthy indoor environment. Professional cleaning ensures the removal of allergens, dirt and dust and it benefits for the friends and family prone to allergies. By professional rug cleaning you can kill the bacteria causing awful odour throughout the home.

Rugs are actually ornamental statement of the home and hence it makes comfortable making the entire space cosy. If you want to retain its shape, feel and look in the long run then hire a professional to clean it. They will follow the given 7 cleaning steps to assure proper condition of the rugs.

Step- I: Analysis and inspection

Most importantly, the cleaner inspects every rug to note the correct cleaning method! In this case, they consider the fibre type and they test the dye fading ability. Also they take a close note of the odours and specific stains. If there is urine stain then urine treatment will need as additional treatment. The cost of rug will include the extra cost of additional treatments. 

Step-II: Dirt and dust removal

Before cleaning, every rug should vacuum properly for the agitation of removal of dry soil as much as possible.

Step-III: Pre-spray

Pre-treatment are essential for odours and stains. Every cleaning solution is based on water and bio-degradable. Therefore, they maintain neutral pH to offer optimum results.

Step-IV: Rotary shampoo

The technician applies shampoo for massaging the rug gently with the help of the rotary machine. It ensures complete removal of stains and dirt.

Step-V: Wringer/rinsing

After shampooing, rug will pass through state-of-the-art rinsing machine. Cold water soft jets wash away shampoo, residue and dirt particles. Wringer will help in removal of excessive moisture from rug surface. 

Step-VI: De-humidifying and drying

Rug will hang in the climate-controlled drying space. Even rug will undergo test for moisture using the meters for moisture prior to remove from the room. Remember it can consume 48 hours to dry up completely on the basis of the rug composition. 

Step-VII: Final phase

Fringes will clean manually and rug will inspect for the areas needed special attention. Then it will groom and vacuum but silk rugs will offer special treatment to retain the original feel and finish. At last, they roll up for delivery to the specific addresses.

In case you want a professional for rug cleaning in London then send for a quote request to the nearby cleaning company.

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