6 New Conditions for Obtaining Property Investment in Turkey

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Obtaining Property Investment in Turkey is starting to change. The Turkish government recently announce terms allowing investors to make more efforts. And beware of brokers who manipulate facts and documents and continue to tamper with them. You need to have Turkish citizenship. They are the main driving force behind these new decisions. Some find it somewhat unfair or annoying, and its purpose is to protect investors. The real estate fraud attempts, and circumvent Turkish law.

What are the new conditions for obtaining Property Investment in Turkey?

The new resolution sets out some elements that need to be understood in detail. Property Investment in Turkey will explain in detail below.

First Condition:

If a foreign investor sells his property to a Turkish citizen, that citizen sells it to another foreign investor. No problem if he is interest in applying for and acquiring Turkish citizenship for the last investor

Except in one case, the foreign property owner is of the same nationality “in front of the Turkish owner”. In this case it cannot be use for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Although he had already acquire property from the Turkish people.

This condition applies to properties sold after January 12, 2017, but if the property was owned before this date. It is not subject to this condition and may be of the same nationality as the last investor. First foreign owner

first example

Suppose you have a Palestinian name “Toqeer” who owns real estate in Turkey. And he decide to sell it to the Turkish people on January 13, 2017. Another Palestinian “Sajid” decide to buy it on August 18, 2021. This property belongs to the current Turkish citizen. In this case, “Sajid” may not buy this property for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship. However, if Sajid has a nationality other than Toqeer, or if Toqeer purchase property before January 12, 2017. Sajid can use that property to obtain citizenship.

Second condition:

When a foreign investor buys Turkish real estate from a Turkish construction company. The buyer must own the property before transferring ownership. As there must be no founder or partner with the same nationality as the investor. And it is advise to check the structure of the property company.

An example of the second condition:

Suppose the Palestinian “Toqeer” bought an apartment from the Turkish “X” company. The company has two partners, “Falhat (Turkey)” and “Sajid (Palestine)”. In this case, Toqeer is sold as “X” for the presence of a person. Without hindrance of the same nationality as the partner of this company.

Third condition:

One of the most important new conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Not every property purchase to obtain citizenship will be available in other applications. While one of the many shares is use for this purpose, such joint citizenship acquisition is invalid against citizenship. On the other hand, the remaining breeds were not use for this purpose. And would not lead to the exclusion of naturalization. 

An example of the third condition:

Toqeer, a Palestinian, bought real estate to obtain Property Investment in Turkey. Actually obtain it, and after three years he transfer it and sold it to Turkish citizens. Then the Turkish citizens decide to sell the property to Abdullah (Algeria). In this case, Abdullah will not be able to obtain citizenship. Toqeer has already taken advantage of this advantage. Although Abdullah was not Palestinian.

Fourth condition:

When a foreign investor obtains Turkish citizenship instead of buying real estate from a Turkish citizen. After a three-year ban, he decide to resell it to the same Turkish citizen. Contact us at Property Investment in Turkey about the buying and selling process to determine if there are any pre-plan scams. His citizenship will be withdrawn retroactively if the alleg fraud of a foreign investor is proven.

An example of the fourth element:

Toqeer was a Yemeni who bought his property from her, obtain Property Investment in Turkey. Sold the property to Farhat three years later. In this case, the previous owner of the property has the right to investigate Toqeer. This is because the resale process is suspect of fraud or embezzlement. According to Turkish law, if this can be proven, the citizenship will be confiscate. From Mehmet and anything resulting from such an act will be revoke. Retroactively cancel

Fifth condition:

Turkish citizenship will be cancel for investors who obtain Turkish citizenship. Through a future real estate contract in a project that is still under construction. The ownership is then transfer to another investor. If the stipulate “3-year” ban period has expire. And the project is not deliver by the due date, the schedule delivery date will be delay.

An example of the fifth condition:

Egyptian citizens bought more than 250 thousand dollars of real estate in the Istanbul complex, which is still under construction. According to the sign property contract and the amount he paid, he applied for and obtain Turkish citizenship. But he did not deliver the property he bought after three years. Due to the delay in delivery of the project.

If the insurer takes this opportunity to transfer the ownership of his contract to another person (Toqeer, Palestine). He obtains Turkish citizenship for free and grants him Turkish citizenship. He expects to sell his property by way of sale to the appoint office, Toqeer by nationality. You have the right to cancel retroactively

Sixth condition:

Foreign investors interest in obtaining Property Investment in Turkey. Must declare that their citizenship files are free from false information or forge documents. As a result, he will be liable if anything previously mention in the file is found and he will be liable. Therefore, he is denied Turkish citizenship. All results will be cancel.

In sum, the new conditions for obtaining Property Investment in Turkey will be an additional burden for investors coming to Turkey, especially those who do not have legal experience and do not speak Turkish at all, no doubt.

However, these conditions do not discourage investors from traveling to Turkey-own properties with a trust real estate advisor. It provides a complete and easy to understand real estate valuation report for the selecte property. So feel free to contact us. If you are interest in acquiring Buying Property in Turkey with 100% legal and registration speed.

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