Questions to Ask Your Urologist About Male Infertility

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Whenever you get ill or have some unknown issues regarding your health, you have to visit your doctor. However, sometimes the disorder becomes specialized and you have to visit specialized doctors in this case. For example, for a simple pain, you can visit your family doctor, however, when the pain is in some specialized region like kidneys or some joints and it’s persistent for a long time then you have to visit a doctor who is specialized in treating kidney problems or some orthopedic.

The same is in the case of fertility-related problems. There are specific doctors related to male and female infertility. Taking a male infertility treatment without proper consultation with a urologist is totally a foolish step. A urologist is a doctor who specializes in treating diseases related to the human urinary system and reproductive system and all the organelles present in it.

Whenever you plan to visit urologists, you must ask some specific questions regarding fertility. Following are some must things that you should question when you visit a urologist regarding make infertility.

What are the symptoms of male infertility?

The first thing that you should ask is about the symptoms of male infertility. This will help you to know whether you are fertile or not. Your doctor will definitely brief you about the symptoms that might include, pain or swelling in the testicular area, small volumes of semen during ejaculation, painful erections, and the inability of erectile muscles.

After knowing the symptoms you can find out how many of them are present in your body. If you think you are having most of them, then it’s time to think about the proper treatment of your infertility.

What are the causes of male infertility?

The next question you must ask after knowing the symptoms is about the causes of male infertility. Knowing the causes will help you a lot in overcoming by avoiding those things which can worsen your conditions. The main causes of male infertility according to top urologists in the United States are hormonal problems, blockage of sperm pathway, genetic disorders, infections, stress, oxidative stress, and the side effects of several medicines.

After knowing these causes you can try to prevent yourself from these things and help yourself to stay away from infertility. In case you have already become infertile, avoiding these things will help you to recover at a quicker pace.

How is male infertility diagnosed?

You must also get yourself aware of the process through which doctors can diagnose your infertility. This is due to the reason that several symptoms are common for a number of diseases. So you have to go through a complete diagnosing process which will confirm whether you are infertile or not. The diagnosis process consists of a series of steps.

First of all the whole body’s physical and medical conditions are checked along with the medical history of the patient.  After that, a sample of semen is taken from the patient and its qualitative and quantitative analysis will be done in the specialized laboratory. Several additional tests including diagnostic and genetic are also performed for confirmations. 

How to boost infertility?

You must be aware of the methods that can help you to boost fertility. You must ask your urologist regarding these methods. A healthy diet, regular exercise, maintaining water contents of the body, taking vitamin supplements, and consuming folic acid-rich products are some most used methods to boost your fertility. In case of taking supplements, make sure that you have taken the advice from your doctor.

What is the treatment of male infertility?

From symptoms to diagnosis, after knowing about everything regarding infertility, you must be aware of the treatment that could be taken to cure male infertility. Medication and surgical processes are available for that purpose. However, the most trending is advanced methods including IUI, IVF, and ICSI treatment in Lahore. These advanced treatments are well known for treating every type of infertility. However, infertility caused by the age factor cannot be treated via that process.

Know you are well aware of all the basic information that you must get from your urologist regarding male infertility. Getting this information is beneficial for treating infertility and preventing yourself from getting it in case you are fertile.

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