How to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033 Easily?

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QuickBooks is accounting software that helps users to handle and solve their bookkeeping and financial problems. It has some amazing features like payroll, inventory management, reconciliation, etc. But, in QuickBooks, there are some technical anomalies that can be defined as errors like QuickBooks Error PS033 and in this article, we discuss some ways to resolve these errors. And, we are here to help by providing you with all the information about QuickBooks Error PS033. However, if you experience this error ps033 on your software then you may receive an error message like “QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files [Error PS033]”. So let’s start with its causes and troubleshooting ways to fix QuickBooks Error PS033. 


QuickBooks Error PS033 is a payroll update error. When a user is performing to run the company files and tries to download payroll updates in their system then this error appears on your device. Whenever QuickBooks Error PS033 occurs then the error code appears as a dialog box with error messages like “QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files [Error PS033]”. You can resolve this issue by downloading QuickBooks Tool Hub. It can easily solve all the QuickBooks errors by their various features or tools. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error PS033

There are a list of several other reasons that may cause the Error PS033 of QuickBooks and also it helps users to identify this error easily:-

  • When there is non-activation of the payroll subscription. 
  • If there is more active payroll than the inactive direct deposit agreement.  
  • When the QuickBooks Desktop file is damaged. 
  • If QuickBooks data is damaged or missing. 
  • The QuickBooks version is not updated to the latest released version.  
  • When the service key is not correct.
  • The Employer Identification Number is invalid or incorrect. 
  • The company file of PSID is incorrect. 
  • If the QuickBooks Desktop or Current Windows Version is not compatible.  

(Note that: verify which QuickBooks versions is supported on Windows 10)

  • When the status of QuickBooks Desktop occurs as the invalid number or the EIN. 

*If the payroll subscription of your is deactivated, even then there is a possibility for the errors to appear.

Methods to Resolve Error PS033

Here are some methods mentioned below to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error PS033:-

Method 1- Update Payroll Tax Table

If you are facing this error on your system then you have to update your tax table to the latest version released. Below are the steps to update your tax table:-

  • Initially, you have to go to the QuickBooks application and then choose the Employees tab. 
  • Then, select the Get Payroll updates and tap on the Download entire payroll update option. 
  • At last, move to the Update option and click on it. 

Method 2- Update CPS folder name of the QuickBooks 

QuickBooks can create a new folder with no corrupted or damaged files when the user finds the CPS folder has a corrupted file and then rename it:- 

  • Firstly, close the QuickBooks and go to the path file- C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\ Components\Payroll\CPS.
  • Now, right-click on the CPS folder and then click on Rename.
  • Then, delete the old name and then type CPSGHJ, and tap on enter to save the change. 
  • At last, open the QuickBooks application and try to download the Payroll updates. 

Method 3- Update the QuickBook Desktop

The old version of QuickBooks can cause QuickBooks Error PS033. Now, follow the below-mentioned instruction to update the QuickBooks Desktop:-

  • Firstly, exit the QuickBooks Company file. 
  • Move to the Desktop and click on the QuickBooks icon. 
  • Then, click on the option Run as Administration and on the Help button.
  • Now, select the update QuickBooks Desktop option. 
  • Move to the Options tab and click on Mark All option, then click on the Save button. 
  • Go to the Update Now option and make a tick on the Reset Update tab. 
  • Now, choose the Get Update option. 
  • When the Update downloads successfully, then close and open the QuickBooks. 
  • After that, you may see an installation prompt to install the update and you have to click on the Yes.  
  • At last, when the updates are installed then you have to restart your system. 

Method 4- UAC Setting Turn off

This UAC prompt appears when the user tried an unauthorized change in their operating system. Then it asks for the admin credentials and stops for the other activity. Then, you have to turn off the UAC by below-mentioned steps:-

  • Firstly, go to the start button and then select the Control panel. 
  • Now, click on the User Accounts, and in the next windows select it again. 
  • Then, click on the Change UAC Settings and then tap on continue.
  • You see a slider on your screen like Always Notify and Never Notify. So, you have to slide it down to Never Notify and tap on OK. 
  • At last, reboot your system and download the update. 

Note that: UAC is important for the security purpose of your PC and it must be on Always Notify. Later, follow the same steps to slide back. 

Method 5- In Safe Mode Download Payroll Update

  • Close the QuickBooks and reboot your system. 
  • While clicking on the Power icon, hold the Shift key also.
  • Then, click on restart. When your system opens then go to the Choose an Option and then choose Troubleshoot. 
  • Now, click on the Advanced option and then click on Startup Settings.
  • After that, restart your computer, and then from the list click on the Fifth option.
  • When the computer opens in Safe mode then you have to download the payroll update. 
  • When it is downloaded successfully then restart your computer and back to the normal mode from the safe mode. 
  • At last, you need to download the update again in normal mode.  


*If you may again experience this error on your system after following the above methods then you can try to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub and run it on your system. This tool can resolve QuickBooks Error PS033 by using the “Quick Fix My Program” from the Program Problem tool. 

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In this article, we discuss the methods to fix QuickBooks Error PS033. I hope this method will be helpful for you and may resolve all issues related to the payroll updates. If you have any other issues then you can visit our other articles anytime to troubleshoot them. 

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