What is the process for syncing my QuickBooks license to my deskto

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The majority of Quickbooks customers wish to sync their software with another device. The higher degree of company efficiency is the rationale for synchronizing QuickBooks data to various PCs. 


Users will be able to operate in a more flexible environment and have access to their data across numerous networks. If the employees agree to sync QuickBooks across two devices, they can also collaborate on an accounting report.


However, the issue is that not all of them know how to sync QuickBooks files across numerous computers, which reduces their productivity. So, to ensure that you are making proper development in your task, below is the whole write-up beginning with the need to sync QuickBooks to a separate computer.

Synchronizing QuickBooks License Error Desktop Solutions Review

The first step in synchronizing the data is to ensure that both computers have the appropriate installation choices. If this is not the case, look for the appropriate installation choices and then connect both pcs to the same network.


It’s also feasible to do it in the other direction. In order to do so, you must first remove QuickBooks on both computers and then reinstall it using the right installation choices.

Reasons for QuickBooks Sync Manager Error

QuickBooks Sync Manager issues can arise in a variety of situations. This can create a problem in the very beginning. The following are the most common reasons for QuickBooks Sync Manager Error.


  • Program Files were misplaced.
  • Program files that have been corrupted.
  • During data transfer, this error occurs as a consequence of networking issues. It’s possible that this is due to firewall settings that prevent access to the main server.
  • Error 3003 in QuickBooks. 

Methods to Synchronise QuickBooks Files 

Let’s take a peek at the procedures required in synchronizing Quickbooks License Error

now that you’re aware of the advantages.

Step 1: Download and Install data transfer utility

Installing and transferring the data transfer utility offered by Intuit is the first step. Install and download the data transfer utility on the primary machine that will host the corporate file.


Step 2: Paste the Company File

Copy the corporate file from the secondary computer and paste it onto the first computer. This step ensures that both computers have access to the business files.

Step 3: Access the company file from the secondary PC

Launch the company file on the primary computer once you’ve pasted the company file into it. Then, on the secondary machine, pick the file and select the ‘Open company’ option to open the company file.

Step 4: Open your Source Company 

In the data transfer utility, you must now select the Open source company option. After that, choose ‘Export data from the source firm.’

Step 5: Allow access to personal data 

You must now choose ‘Yes and allow access even if QB is not running,’ followed by the choice to access personal data. Select ‘Continue,’ then ‘Yes,’ then ‘Done.’ QuickBooks will now have access to your personal information.

Step 6: Look for the word ‘close.’

After you’ve given the app permission to view your personal data, go to the ‘currently connected to field’ option and look for ‘Close.’

Step 7: Choose ‘close company’ from the drop-down menu

Now go to the ‘File menu,’ tick the box, and then choose ‘close company.’

Step 8: Select ‘Restore company’ or ‘Open’ from the drop-down menu

Pick ‘File’ and then ‘Restore Company.’ Then, in QuickBooks, choose ‘Create a company in QB’.

Step 9: In the disc transfer utility, select an open destination firm

Pick Open destination company of disc transfer tool from the ‘Import data into destination company’ menu.

Step 10: Allow access to personal data even if QB isn’t running

To ensure that your computer has access to all of your personal data, choose ‘Yes, always authorize access even if QuickBooks is not operating.’ To keep the procedure going, select ‘Continue,’ then ‘Yes,’ and ‘Done.’

Step 11: In QB, close the tab as well as the company

Tap Ok after closing the tab that is presently attached to the field in the data transfer utility. After that, go to the File menu and choose ‘close company in QB’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 12: Decide what kind of data you want to import

You must pick the data type by choosing ‘type of data’ and then choose ‘change’ to alter the data type in this stage. After that, you must look for an option that will allow you to import the essential best data to your destination file.

Step 13: Into the target file, import the data

Finally, go to ‘import data into destination’ and select ‘import data’ from the transfer utility option. The files on the primary and secondary computers are synchronized as a result of this.

Syncing QuickBooks file to another device/ Database server manager

For fixing any kind of error in QuickBooks, users are advised to use the QuickBooks File Doctor which can possibly solve any faults in your software. However, The Database server configuration may be used to accomplish this synchronization operation. The steps are listed below in detail.


  • To begin, make a copy of the QB installation file for both machines.
  • ‘Use QB on this machine should be selected. Select ‘Store corporate file for Network Sharing’ on the primary computer.
  • Hit ‘Install’ after entering your product number and license. Select:
  • Multi-User Access is supported by File Utilities.
  • The next way is to check for the QuickBooks business file on the primary computer. To do so, go to ‘Scan Folders,’ click Add Folder, and then ‘Scan.’
  • When you’ve located the firm file, shut the folder.
  • By choosing ‘Set up users and passwords,’ you can now create a username and password.
  • Choose the file, then log in using the same username and password as on the primary laptop. This synchronizes the QB files on both PCs.

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Summing Up!

The above article provided with you all the basics of syncing QuickBooks License to Desktop. We hope that make benefit from the information and get clarity into the QuickBooks License Data.


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