Quickly Enable the WiFi Settings of the Linksys MR7350 WiFi Router

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The Linksys MR7350 WiFi router is a smart wifi mesh router that is powered by intelligent technology. With its fast covering speed, it seamlessly covers 1500 square feet of area. Also, it can be connected to at least twenty devices at the same time. However, the WiFi 6 router provides 1.5 Gbps reinforcement to all the wifi connected devices. Consequently, it supports the 4K HD streaming so that you can do whatever you want to do without lagging or buffering. Also expanding the networking speed and eliminates all the dead spots from the house.

The extender Linksys can easily expand internet connectivity and provide future proof as well. As you can add the Linksys mesh wireless devices to the WiFi 6 router so that it can increase its wifi speed to cover the entire house. Well, the Linksys MR7350 6 mesh router is ideal for home networking and small office purposes. Moreover, the extender device also works with Amazon Alexa that can seamlessly manage the wireless devices in your home.

Enabling the WiFi Settings of the Linksys MR7350 WiFi Router

To enable the basic wifi settings of the Linksys MR7350 wifi router, you can make the setup by using the Linksys app. You can check the Navigation menu and also enable parental control. After making changes to the wifi settings then you can do the advanced wireless settings of the MR7350 wifi router. You need to install the Linksys app. While you are doing the setup, you can create a Linksys administrator account and then manage the settings easily.

Well, you can make various changes by installing the app on your mobile device. You can change the wifi name and the password. Also, you can set up a guest account, connect to the wifi device via WPS, restrict the internet by enabling the parental settings. Moreover, by using the Linksys app you can check the speed of the internet connection as well. Let’s have a look into the settings that you can make through the app as follows.

Linksys WiFi App for whole-home wifi setting

As you know, with the help of the Linksys app you can manage or view the settings of the router device. Wherever you are in the world, just one tap, and then you are into the app where you can control the parental or guest access, channel width, networking bands, or many more settings available in the palm of your hand

Open the Linksys app on your smartphone and tap the log-in icon. Then simply enter the specified credential detail such as the admin username and the password. After submitting credential details tap on the log-in button.

Enable the Parental control

Parental control allows you to control internet access when the kids are busy web surfing. Simply open the app and turn on the parental control from the settings of the device. You can also pause the internet to some major devices. Along with pausing the sites you can block them as well. Moreover, you can change or view the wifi name and the password from the wifi settings by using the WPS-based setup.

LINKSYS Advanced Wireless Settings

After the basic wifi settings, you can change the security type and the WiFi mode and set these settings as a default. In the advanced settings, the users can update theLinksys mr7350 firmwareas well. You can make the following settings into the advanced wireless section.

Simply connect the wireless device using the WPS

The WPS button allows you to connect to any wireless device by using the WPS button. In which you can use the wifi connection without entering the security details manually.

Enable the Guest Network access

You can use guest access to allow the guests to get access or restrict them to get online while connected to other resources. Moreover, you can send the password to the guests via email or text.

Enable the network or wifi router administration

You can use the network or router administration to change the wifi password of the Linksys router device. Moreover, you can check various settings such as serial number, IP address, or model number for the wifi router device. You will experience an improved version when you log into the device after making changes to the wifi 6 router device. You can use the Ethernet cable to get connected to the wifi technology.

Advanced internet settings

You can select how to connect the wifi 6 router to the internet connection. It is automatically defaulted to the DHCP to access the other major information of the router. It depends on the internet service provider. You can also select the plan of the router. If you are one of the advanced users in which you want to make the additional changes to make the maximum transmission unit then you can make changes from the port settings.

After making changes to the internet setting then you can select the MAC filtering of the device that requires a twelve-digit MAC address. Moreover, you can create a list for the MAC address, and then it’s upon you to either choose it or try the wireless device from your wifi or internet connection settings. After that check for the external drive to check the space for the space that was left into the settings, you can also avoid it to lose  the internet data Learn More

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