Reasons for Rising Popularity of Printed Eyeliner Boxes in 2022

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The way a beauty lover applies different eyeliners speaks volumes about their personality. Eyeliner makeup sends out a message out in the world about stylishness. While entering a cosmetic shop, the only point of contact between customers and the eyeliner is the packaging. Today, printed eyeliner boxes are essential for businesses that want to make a mark in the market quickly. These boxes allow you to effectively build your cosmetic brand and perfectly show off the eyeliner range on retail aisles.

As the customers can try on an eyeliner only after purchase, eyeliner boxes determine whether they’ll buy or not. Moreover, eyeliners have delicate bodies prone to damage, enhancing custom eyeliner boxes’ importance. Furthermore, the portability factor also plays an important role.
Let’s delve deep into why we should go for custom eyeliner boxes.

Portability Factor Brings In More Sales

Ladies appreciate it when they can easily carry their small-sized makeup along in handbags. Beauty conscious people care a lot about their public image. And to maintain that image, a perfect eye-look makes the day. Any convenience a cosmetic brand provides such a group of customers boosts sales with a competitive edge.

Printed Eyeliner Boxes

Custom printed eyeliner boxes in tuck-top style makes eyeliners easy accessible without hassle. Plus, the long rectangular shape of these custom packaging boxes makes them very handy and easy to manage. Moreover, perfect sizing renders these boxes very portable – giving a massive benefit of taking along in handbag with ease.

Preserve Pristine Form Of Eyeliners Well

Eyeliners are susceptible to spoil or damage and need superior protection against all damages.

Coating Protection

When applied to eyeliner boxes, coatings such as gloss and matte serve are superb. These coatings protect against moisture and sticky dust particles. Additionally, such coating enhances eyeliners’ appeal as a premium cosmetic product.

Material Protection

The use of high-strength cardboard saves the delicate plastic body of custom printed eyeliner boxes from breakage. Cardboard can withstand slight jolts and accidental falls, saving eyeliners from breakage and leakage during shipment.

Convey Eyeliner Specifics With Grace

Apprise makeup buyers of essential details about eyeliners to know which suits them. Typographic elements on custom printed eyeliner boxes change how any textual detail appears.

Custom eyeliner boxes help you turn a flat piece of information into a visually appealing one with gorgeous typography. Beautiful calligraphic fonts make information desirable to read. These boxes allow you to assimilate product information in other design elements beautifully. Due to their long shape, eyeliner boxes allow ample space for printing cosmetic information such as:

  • Brand’s name
  • Quantity and the type of eyeliner
  • Applying instruction and desirable results
  • Expiration and company social media
  • Desirable results and other product relevant information

Getting creative with multiple colour shades can completely transform how product information appears on wholesale eyeliner boxes.

Benefits Of Eyeliner Boxes As Display Boxes

  • Eyeliner boxes in display style are easily accessible – making quick sales possible. When placed on points of sale where every customer stops to pay, these custom packaging boxes foster impulse purchases.
  • PDQ display for eyeliner boxes on countertops are like a public billboard that promotes eyeliners to customers.
  • Your cosmetic brand can successfully run promotional campaigns and present eyeliners as a gift sample.

The above benefits are sound reasons to go for wholesale eyeliner boxes.

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