The Top Advantages of a Regular Oil Change

Today’s high-mileage vehicle engines require adequate protection against wear, corrosion, and degradation. A regular schedule of oil changing can help your engine achieve peak performance, from engine and gear oils to greases and transmission fluids. 

What Is Engine Oil Change? 

Anyone who owns a car knows that an oil change is a complex procedure for maintaining your automobile. A car’s ability to operate is dependent on the amount of oil it contains.

If you live in UAE, you’ll be happy to know there are some of the top automobile maintenance and Castrol distributors who can help during this process.

How Often Should You Change Oil?

There is no specific way to respond to the oil change schedule for your car, truck, or SUV. Each automobile or truck now has its own set of standards for best road performance. You must know what is best for your automobile, just as you must know what is best for your car when it comes to petrol.

Furthermore, various environmental factors such as low or high temperatures, altitude, height, excessive mileage, and automobile age can affect oil quality. Fortunately, each automobile manufacturer specifies the exact criteria for each model. Your local oil change business should be able to provide you with these requirements.

It’s recommended to consult your local dealer when deciding which oil to use in your vehicle. Their factory-trained oil technicians are most qualified to make the selection for you, considering the model and all other criteria.

Advantages Of Routine Oil Changes 

Change engine Oil CTC

Even though obtaining an oil change is a reasonably short and straightforward procedure, many drivers neglect to do so, forgetting that it is an integral part of routine car maintenance. Here are the top advantages of getting your oil changed regularly.

  • Increased Mileage

When traveling, a fuel-efficient engine gives the best mileage. As engines operate more effectively with new oil, their performance improves, as does their ability to use gasoline more efficiently. It is critical to keep your engines free of dirt of junk. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

Heat destroys engine oil over time, releasing gases. This procedure also aids in the accumulation of sludge within the machine. As a result, your vehicle’s released gas will almost probably contain hazardous compounds that are damaging to the environment. Changing your vehicle’s oil regularly helps you emit much less pollution.

  • Engine Protection

Replacing your oil preserves your motor from friction and abrasive wear, which may eventually affect the performance of your car. In the long term, the tiny pollutants in engine oil will harm the crown and well of your vehicle. While routine automobile maintenance may be performed at home, more major concerns will require the services of specialists, which will be costly. 

When you work with leading automobile service providers, you don’t have to be concerned about exorbitant expenses. They will service your automobile in Dubai at a low cost and make it seem brand new. Just remember that regular oil changes may help your engine go a long distance.

  • Engine Efficiency

As oil travels into the engine, it naturally picks up dirt, trash, and other detritus. As a result, gunk begins to collect inside the engine over time. If you don’t replace your motor oil regularly, dirt will build up and slow down your engine’s performance. 

Regular servicing guarantees that the vehicle’s impure oil is emptied and replaced with fresh oil. The professional will replace the oil filter during the service, which is essential for preserving the oil’s quality. As a result, your vehicle’s performance will increase.

Types of Engine Oils To Choose From

Understanding engine oil and picking the best option for your automobile can be challenging, but doing so will extend the life of your engine and allow it to run more effectively.

Once you know the brand and model of your car, you may pick between mineral and synthetic engine oil. The base oil makes about 80 percent to 90 percent of an engine oil’s composition; thus, choosing the right one is crucial. 

Each type of oil has advantages and disadvantages, so understanding which one is right for your automobile and driving style is critical.

   Mineral Oil  Synthetic Oil
  Pros  Excellent lubricationReasonable cost  Excellent chemical and thermal stabilityOutstanding engine protection
  Cons  Impurities are more likely to accumulate and produce sludge build-up. Frequent change interval  Relatively low solubilityComparatively high cost

When it comes to deciding the best for your vehicle, opting for quality automotive lubricants can provide efficient car performance. 

Things To Know About Car Oil Changing

  • You’ll also get a new oil filter as part of the procedure of adding new oil. Your vehicle may also require a new oil pan drain stopper at various service intervals as the studs wear down with time.
  • Looking through your seller’s manual can give you a basic sense of how long you can ride your automobile before needing an oil change.
  • It is normally suggested that you replace your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, based on whether your vehicle uses traditional or synthetic oil.
  • Regularly checking your oil, regardless of when it needs to be changed, can help you save a lot of money as it will prevent you from having to replace your motor due to burnt oil. The engine of your vehicle, truck, or SUV includes a dipstick that indicates low, high, and operational amounts of engine oil.
  • It is advised that you inspect the oil level in your car engine either before starting it or after letting 5-10 minutes for the oil to drain correctly into the oil pan.
  • A regular oil change takes between 30 and 90 minutes, although it might take longer depending on the situation.


Indeed, regular changing of engine oil plays a crucial role in the smooth running of vehicles. 

Typically, engine oil lasts between 5000 to 7000 miles or between four to six months on average, but you should consider keeping a regular check on your car engine oil and changing it when needed. 

Checking your oil level and the engine is an integral part of automobile maintenance. It’s always best to get your machines examined by professionals when it’s nearing the five-month mark to ensure everything is in good condition. 

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