Remedies for dry cough

Coughing may be annoying, cause of great discomfort and at times, downright painful, but it also serves an important purpose.

Wet and productive coughs It helps in clearing mucus, phlegm etc. present in the air passageway. Such coughs thus serve to make breathing easier. Remedies for dry cough

On the other hand, we have dry coughs that do not help in producing much ease around the respiratory systems. Instead, they take a toll on the body. Remedies for dry cough

There are several reasons why one experiences dry cough. Postnasal drip and acid reflux are common culprits. If you suffer from these ailments, perhaps you should visit the Best General Physician in Lahore for remedying them, and by extension, fixing dry cough as well.

Exploring the solutions

Thankfully, there are several treatment options that you can explore to get relief from dry coughing.

Cough drops

There are different ingredients present in the different types of cough drops, that then determines their functionality. Some drops contain menthol, which helps in relief from the ache induced by dry cough due to its numbing effect.

Similarly, some cough drops work as lozenges, soothing and lubricating the throat for pain relief.


Honey is a part of many ancient remedies, which is a testament to its effectiveness. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that make it helpful in cough relief. Honey is also helpful for soothing the throat.

You can take eat honey as it is, or to make it more soothing, add it to green tea or hot water. The warmth from the drink also facilitates in remedying the irritated throat. Remedies for dry cough


Gargles are easy to do and are rather effective for treating dry cough. Gargling helps in decreasing germs present in the region, that may be contributing towards coughing. It also helps in soothing the throat. Saltwater gargles also enable healing.

To do the gargles, simply take half cup of warn water, add half a teaspoon of salt and gargle for around 30 seconds, spitting out the saline water then.


Jack of all trades, ginger, is also helpful in providing relief against dry cough. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for remedying cold and cough. You can either chew on the ginger to get out the juices that help with the cough, or you can also brew yourself a fresh cup of ginger tea. Adding honey can then pack a punch against sore throat.


Taking steam basically entails breathing in the steam emanating from the hot water. Not only does it serve to soothe the muscles that become sore due to relentless coughing but is also helps in adding moisture to the air passageway.

Steam also is effective for reducing the frequency and force of coughs as well. However, be careful when taking steam; make sure that you safely place your face so that you do not sustain burns.


Thyme is also helpful for ease in dry cough. It also aids in having a reprieve from the cough as well, due to the presence of certain anti-spasmodic compounds.

You can either make thyme tea for to reap the benefits of the herb, or you can take thyme syrup.


A South Asian spice, turmeric also is great for relief against sore throat. It has soothing effect due its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, since it is antiviral and antibacterial, it helps in preventing coughing that occurs on account of infections.

Turmeric can be added to food, or you can make turmeric tea. It is also added to warm milk for to make a soothing concoction as well.

Cough syrups

You can also try a cough syrup for relief. The cough suppressants stop the reflux to cough, thereby controlling the bouts of dry cough. However, decongestants will not be effective against dry cough.

If still your cough is not improving, you should visit the Best General Physician in Islamabad for treatment then.

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