The Best Free & Affordable Roadmap Tools for SaaS Companies

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Simply saying,  road mapping software gives a visual representation of a product’s development progress. So here’s what you need to know about it. The roadmap is used by members of the development team to keep informed as the product progresses through each stage of development.

The roadmap also ensures that the product’s creators stay on track with their plans and objectives. The best roadmap tools keep not just the product development team informed, but also the general public. Making your plan public may seem paradoxical, especially in the highly competitive SaaS sector, but it’s worth it. A few more reasons to use this are:

  • Evidence of creativity 

In today’s world, the mantra is “innovative or die.” Use a public roadmap to demonstrate to your consumers that you’re always thinking about new methods to meet their demands. It improves client engagement, and B2B organisations with strong levels of customer engagement have a 63 per cent lower customer turnover rate, according to Gallup. 

  • Collect comments from customers 

You can wind up with a completed product that doesn’t resonate with your target audience if you don’t listen to consumer input when developing a product. Avoid such problems by including your clients at every stage of the product development process. Utilize a public roadmap to do this, and use user input to adapt goods to improve customer happiness.

  • Customers should be contacted. 

Make use of the public roadmap to keep current and potential consumers informed about new developments. Existing customers are more likely to stay engaged and decrease customer churn if they are aware that new and improved product additions are on the way. It may also create leads and persuade potential clients to buy your product by demonstrating that future features will make it worthwhile. 

Here are some of the best free and low-cost roadmapping tools:

 1. Feedsocio 

The top Best Free & Affordable Roadmap Tools for SaaS Companies is feedsocio. Not to mention the fact that this is the best affordable roadmap tool that has numerous features that can benefit you, for instance- it’s a neat and very clear place to keep track of all your customer requests.

This is followed by the main point which is, here you’ll learn a lot about your audience and your customer but only if you give them a voice. Here you can prioritize comments, establish a smart roadmap tool for your SaaS company and even provide your customers with automated uthe pdates. And cherry on top is its free and affordable which qorks as an eye catchipoint for the users. 

2. Frill 

The frill is a simple road-mapping tool that SaaS firms use to keep their consumers engaged and informed about new product additions. When compared to most other roadmap and feedback tools, it is regarded for having excellent UX. The tool’s user-friendly design makes it simple to submit feature requests and customer feedback.

A notification will be sent to the contributor if you take action on their submission. Contributors can also upvote other users’ ideas or feedback, letting you know which proposals to prioritise.

3. Nolt

Nolt is another useful roadmap tool that integrates with the platforms used by most SaaS organisations, such as Trello and Slack. You have the option of making the feedback board private or public, as well as banning disruptive people. Users can vote on ideas presented on the roadmap, and the most popular ideas can be prioritised for execution. Nolt offers weekly email reports on activity on your feedback board to make sure you don’t miss anything. Users can also get updates on their contributions through email.

4. Airfocus

Airfocus makes it easier to create a product strategy and execute it with team members all across the world. You may construct a timeline roadmap or a Kanban roadmap, depending on your preferences. Both have a drag-and-drop interface that makes changing or updating roadmaps a breeze.

You can participate in real-time discussions with other people who are sharing information or thoughts. You can change the settings when sharing roadmaps with these individuals to guarantee that only authorised personnel can see sensitive information. airfocus does not currently have a feedback platform, but one will be available shortly.

5. Upvote

Upvote may be used to collect and manage user feedback from a variety of sources using Chrome, Mozilla, Zapier, Slack, Intercom, and other platforms. Upvote also allows you to share your roadmap publicly or privately. Users can vote on ideas presented on public roadmaps, allowing you to decide whether or not to act on them.

Upvote also features a Changelog tool that allows users to keep track of new upgrades and releases. Users are notified automatically when an update is released, making it simple to keep stakeholders informed throughout the product’s lifespan.

6. Trello

Trello is one of the most widely used systems for organising and managing distributed teams. The customisable Trello board is one of the platform’s most powerful features for remote collaboration. It allows you to generate basic product roadmaps that you can share with your team and stakeholders. Trello, unlike previous applications, offers a website as well as an Android and iOS app. On the bad side, there is no way to collect feedback.

7. Canny

To keep everyone informed, create a public product roadmap on Canny. The map includes alerts that automatically notify users of new features and encourage consumer interaction. It’s also ideal for working with colleagues in different places and divisions. Its clear roadmap design makes collecting feedback from customers and displaying your newest SaaS advancements to stakeholders a breeze.

8. ProductBoard

ProductBoard connects the dots between a product team’s ideas and what customers desire. It does it by using a public roadmap platform to share product ideas and solicit user input. 

You may also utilise the consumer feedback tool to generate fresh product improvement suggestions. You may customise your product roadmap to be aesthetically beautiful and continuously updated for maximum interaction.

9. Roadmunk

Roadmunk offers numerous product map templates to help you create a practical and aesthetically appealing product map. It has a drag-and-drop editor for customising templates to fit your needs and collaborating with coworkers in real-time. Choose between a swimlane and a timeline roadmap layout for your customer feedback. You may also organise and filter comments so that the most essential messages appear first.

These are some of the best free & affordable roadmap tools for saas companies.

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