Rockspace WiFi Range Extender Reset and Rebooting Method

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The Rockspace wifi range extender eliminates the dead zones and creates new network areas. It is up the high-speed network to 2640 square feet of coverage. You can easily set it up indoors and outdoors anywhere you need an internet connection. It is capable of connecting any 25 devices such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. You connect it to wireless and wired connections.

The rockspace repeater boosts the network range to 1200MBPS speed. In this device, respace company built a smart wifi chip amplifier which protects the device from the outside network and internet healers. As well as you get 2 mesh USB ports and 2 ethernet ports in this latest device. The rockspace repeater is built by the china company.

Configure the rockspace wifi extender via the WPS button

If you have a rockspace wifi range extender, then don’t worry about the ap.setup because this article tells all the information about this. Just see the article below.

  • Plugin the device into a power outlet near the main wifi router.
  • After that wait for a few seconds to turn on the LED flash solid blue.
  • Detect a Smart WPS in an Extended WiFi Router and click it.
  • Then go to the router and within 2 minutes press the button.
  • Now, wait until the router LED light turns into solid blue.

Placement of rockspace wireless repeater-

Extender placement is important for increasing network speed. If you put it in the wrong place then you reduce the high speed of your device. Make sure to always find the best location for it.

Always keep this in mind when installing a new repeater:

  • Find a location for the device at 50% existing host WiFi range up to.
  • Never place it in a covered area such as into a cupboard, inside the drawer, under the tableau bead, etc.

Connect Rockspace WiFi Extender to Mobile Devices. How?

Make sure: turn off your mobile internet before connecting the  Rockspace wifi range extender with it.

  • When plugging on the wifi extender into the power board. 
  • Then on the WIFI on your android, computer or laptop.
  • Find the Rockspace wifi range extender name and click on it.
  • Enter the password and connect it.

How to know if Rockspace WiFi Extender connects to the device? If I hide my network name.

In windows 10. 

  • See the lower right concern of your screen.
  • Then click on the network setting of wifi.
  • Find the connect hide network.
  • Now enter the network SSID(NAME) And tap the next option.
  • Then enter the network security password.
  • Now check your extender signal range status.

Login to Rockspace WiFi Extender without IP Address. How?

To set up the wifi extender login is a very important part so login follows our easy steps.

  1. Open a web browser from a computer and laptop that is connected to the Rockspace wifi range extender network.
  2. Then type there re.rockspace.local in the address field of the web browser.
  3. Wait until the wifi repeater login page is displayed.
  4. Now enter the default password “admin” of your device if you are login the first time.
  5. Then click OK on the login option.
  6. Finally, the device home page displays if you want to set it up then do it.

What should you do if you have forgotten the password?

If you forget the wifi extender password, then don’t worry and reset the wifi extender. To reset it does the same.

  • Locate the wifi extender near the WPS button of your device.
  • Press and hold If the reset button needs a pin)using a paperclip for 10 seconds.
  • Then the LED  reset indicator turns solid blue and the device is reset successfully.
  • After resetting the Rockspace wifi range extender needs a new setup so again set up your device password.

Why is Rockspace not showing the repeater network?

That time you need to check the extender plugin correctly or not you again pull it. If still, it is showing an issue then you reboot your device for rebooting its the power of your Rockspace wifi range extender for 10 minutes after that again plug it on the electric outlet. Near to the main router. I hope this article is useful for you.

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