Study of Seamless Pipe in Pakistan By The Cause of Corrosion of Outer Pipes?

Wondering why pipes corrode from the outside? This is because these materials come into contact with many materials from the outside. So, by the study of Seamless Pipe in Pakistan there are many reasons why this happens. Some factors include the material of the down pipe. Read on to understand the causes of improper installation and environmental and biological corrosion of outer tubes!

Weather Damage

According to Seamless Pipe in Pakistan the storms, extreme temperatures, or earthquakes can damage pipes. In addition to these conditions, weather also plays a role in causing corrosion of the outer pipes. This can happen especially if the pipeline is install outdoors. This has been happening for a long time, but it can speed up without proper maintenance and care.

Atmospheric erosion can be cause by fog, dew, rain, or moisture in the environment. Ambient temperature and air pressure can also affect the corrosion process. Hot weather erosion increases. Find a way to prevent condensation to protect your pipes from atmospheric corrosion. Corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings can also be use.


In addition to the atmosphere, the pipe installation environment is also an important factor in the corrosion of external pipes. This problem often occurs when the pipes are locate in soil, sea water, and nearby marine sites.

For example, pipes install in the sea are expose to salt water. Substances in the water damage the outside of the tube and gradually corrode and weaken the metal. Fortunately, there are plumbing and coating techniques that can ensure that the salt in the water does not cause corrosion.

Drift Stream

Underground pipes can erode when stray currents flow through the soil. This affects the service life and safety of the pipeline. It can also corrode other bur metal structures such as tunnels and storage tanks. The current source of the nomads is a welder. Ground DC power supply, etc. Backing is require first to prevent stray current corrosion. Inspect and maintain electrical connections and insulation to prevent leakage.

Isolation Problem

Insulation provides an effective barrier to protect cold water pipes from moisture. However, the wrong materials can fail. This creates moisture in the condense area and erodes the outer tube. Being invisible, the problem persists for years and can destroy the entire piping system.

If you notice that the insulator is wet, there may be a problem with the pipe. You can also fix the deterioration if you encounter this problem early on. It is recommend to replace the insulation with a moisture-resistant material.

Contact With Other Metals

Galvanic corrosion This is also call binary corrosion. This occurs when two metals are connect and immerse in a corrosive solution. One metal corrodes quickly, while the other metal is protect or un-affect. This can happen if the valve or connector is use on a different metal.

It is advisable to choose metal materials with similar corrosion potential to prevent galvanic corrosion. Use spacers or add insulators to each to cut the connection. Finally, it is advisable to cover both tubes as well.


Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi can cause pipe erosion. However, without direct damage, it can accelerate and change the wear mechanism. These by-products can cause small deposits of metal, porosity, or crack corrosion. Effects are usually seen on pipes expose to soil, sea water, fresh water, crude oil, and processing chemicals. As a result, many industries are expose to influential microbiological erosion.

This type of wear can be mitigate with maintenance. The use of chemical processing and external coating The choice of Seamless Pipe in Pakistan material is also important. This is because some materials are less susceptible to corrosion due to microbiological influences.


Welded tubes, unlike seamless tubes, are subject to corrosion due to insufficient welds and defects. This is the point at which microorganisms and rust can accelerate corrosion activity. Also known as Selective Welding Corrosion (SSWC), it is especially common on old pipes manufacture in the old days.

Fortunately, Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan have change the welding method to a better one, which has improve the quality of the welding area. This makes the tube less sensitive to SSWC.

Important Point

Pipeline corrosion can occur both internally and externally. This can happen for several reasons. Therefore, use the Seamless Pipe in Pakistan material special layer protection. And don’t forget maintenance. If the cause of outer tube corrosion is known, it can extend the useful life and ensure safe use in the factory.

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