Successfully Disinfect an Apartment Following the Coronavirus Omicron?

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The world is in the midst of a health crisis. No one is a stranger to news related to the coronavirus omicron and its disastrous health consequences. Even if today a vaccine is found, it is always recommended to respect the famous barrier gestures to limit the spread of the virus. But, what about disinfecting an apartment if someone with the disease has stayed there? The answer to this question in the rest of this article, to prepare you for all eventualities.

First, why disinfect your apartment following the coronavirus omicron?

Also called Covid-19, coronavirus is a respiratory disease that is mainly transmitted by close contact with an infected person. Its ease of transmission transformed it into a pandemic very early on.

Indeed, it is one of the most feared features of the disease due to the survival of the virus even outside the human body.

Several scientific studies have also proven that the coronavirus can be transmitted easily by hand contact with infected surfaces. And that’s not all. Worse, it can survive on different surfaces due to:

  • 12 hours on textiles;
  • 4 hours on copper materials
  • Approximately 8 hours on aluminum;
  • Five days on glass objects;
  • Four whole days if it comes into contact with the wood;
  • Two to three days if the surface concerned is steel or plastic;
  • A full day if the contaminated surface is cardboard or paper;
  • etc

As you will have understood, the coronavirus proves capable of surviving even a few hours on the objects most used by man. This is why the disinfection of apartments and accommodation is strongly recommended in the event of infection to break the cycle of propagation of the virus.

Then, what products to use to successfully disinfect your apartment?

Several myths circulate about the products to be used to successfully disinfect an apartment following the coronavirus. Yet very few prove effective in effectively destroying the latter. The right attitude to adopt is to follow the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) in this area.

To successfully disinfect your apartment following the coronavirus, the organization in charge of health recommends in particular:

  • Disinfectants made from bleach;
  • Products made from chlorine, solvents or at least 75% ethanol;
  • Disinfectants made from peracetic acid and chloroform.

Clearly, these are the products that show more efficiency in the disinfection of apartments. It only takes a few clicks on the Net to find out more about them.

Finally, it should be noted that in practice, bleach is the most popular product for disinfecting apartments. Easy to find, it also has a very high success rate. It is also said that very few viruses are resistant to it.

Finally, the surfaces to clean to get rid of the coronavirus omicron

Once you have mastered the products to use to effectively disinfect your apartment, let’s move on to the next step. At this point, it is important to remember that the most frequently touched surfaces are the most prone to contamination. Also visit: Top Lounge cleaning in Palm beach

So be sure to clean:

  • The handles of your various doors;
  • Chairs, tables, beds and windows;
  • Remote controls, screens and switches;
  • The floor, the bowl and the sink
  • etc

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