The All-New IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch: What You Need To Know

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is one of the most revolutionary technologies in networking today. It enables a single Ethernet cable to both send and receive data and power an attached device. This has made it a popular choice for powering IP phones, video surveillance systems, Wi-Fi access points and more. However, with the introduction of new standards like IEEE802.3bt PoE++, PoE technology is becoming even more powerful. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what makes the all-new IEEE802.3bt PoE++ switch such an incredible tool for network professionals and how they can utilize its capabilities to better serve their customers.

What is the all-new IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch?

The all-new PoE++ Switch is a powerful new addition to the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard. This new switch provides significantly higher power over Ethernet (PoE) than previous versions, making it ideal for powering high-end devices such as video cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points. The increased power output also allows for faster data transfer speeds, making the all-new IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch perfect for businesses that rely heavily on data communications.

How does it work? PoE++ is a new standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE) that provides up to 100 watts of power per port. It is designed to work with the latest generation of high-power devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. The switch can be used with any existing PoE equipment, including routers, switches, and injectors. PoE++ is also compatible with the new 802.3bt standard for PoE++.

What are the benefits of this switch?

The new PoE++ switch provides a number of benefits for users, including:

1. Increased Power over Ethernet (PoE) support – The switch offers up to 60W of power per port, which is twice the amount of power supported by previous PoE switches. This allows users to connect and power more devices using PoE++.

2. Improved energy efficiency – The switch has been designed to be more energy efficient, with a power consumption that is up to 30% lower than previous PoE switches. This can help reduce operating costs and improve the overall sustainability of the switch.

3. Enhanced security features – The switch includes enhanced security features, such as MAC address filtering and IEEE 802.1X port-based authentication. These features can help protect networks from unauthorized access and ensure that only authorized devices are able to connect to the network.

4. Increased reliability – The switch includes redundant power supplies and fans, which can help increase its overall reliability. In addition, the switch has been designed for use in industrial environments, making it ideal for applications where uptime is critical.

How to install the all-new IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch

If you’re looking to install the all-new IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, this powerful new device is not compatible with traditional PoE switches – it requires its own unique power source. Additionally, the switch must be properly configured in order for it to work correctly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install your new PoE++ switch:

1) Begin by connecting the Power over Ethernet Injector (PoEI) to the switch.

2) Next, use an Ethernet cable to connect the PoEI to the network port on the switch.

3) Once everything is properly connected, go ahead and plug in the power cord to the PoEI.

4) Now it’s time to configure the switch. Start by logging into the web interface and navigating to the “PoE” section.

5) From here, you’ll be able to enable or disable PoE on each individual port. Make sure that only the ports you want powered are enabled – otherwise, you may overload the system and cause damage.

6) That’s it! Your new PoE++ switch is now installed and ready to use.


The IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ Switch is an all-new solution for powering up connected devices while at the same time reducing energy expenditures. With its many features, it can be a great addition to any network setup and provide reliable power over Ethernet capabilities while remaining cost effective. The switch is also flexible enough to work with various types of equipment making it a good choice for businesses looking to upgrade their networks without breaking the bank Read more