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To clean so that everything is left shiny and fragrant is one thing. Providing good service and complying with all agreements is another side of the same issue. Rengøringsservice masters it all.

Cleaning service is much more than cleaning. It is also to plan the cleaning itself so that it fits in as well as possible with your or your company’s everyday life. And it is to perform the cleaning so that it bothers as little as possible if you, your family or your employees are nearby in the meantime. And then it is to leave the clean rooms almost without any trace other than that they are beautiful and clean. We call this cleaning service.



As a cleaning company with an emphasis on service, you can book Rengøringsservice to take care of your cleaning both privately and for business. Our company stands for

  1. Commercial cleaning
  2. Private cleaning
  3. Moving cleaning
  4. Main cleaning
  5. Office cleaning
  6. Institutional cleaning
  7. Stair washing
  8. Cleaning help

We are happy to enter into regular agreements on cleaning services with a fixed frequency, just as you can order us for individual cleaning tasks. And of course we are flexible and happy to take on special tasks if something separate needs to be done. You can trust that we adhere to all agreements and that our employees are stable and service-minded. We call this good cleaning service.

Regardless of whether it is a minor cleaning task every now and then, or you want permanent cleaning of larger areas, Rengøringsservice is happy to take on the task



We think about both preserving and maintaining what we clean, most gently, and then we think about the environment. That is why we use efficient and environmentally friendly products so that we have the least possible impact on the climate. We think that green cleaning service is most responsible also to the generations that come after us. Environmentally friendly products are just as effective as the old-fashioned more polluting products are. We can just use them with more green conscience.


Cleaning service runs to customers in large parts of Zealand to Copenhagen.

If you have an apartment or a house that some have moved from or need to move into, you will probably find that it is by no means particularly nice where shelves, sofas, cupboards and other larger things have stood. For good reasons, it has not been possible to clean there as easily as you can elsewhere in the home, and only when the furniture has been moved do you discover that a moving cleaning Erhvervsrengøring is needed to get it all neat again.

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Rengøringsservice has the expertise and the right remedies to get a home nice again after a moving cleaning in Copenhagen and North Zealand. So whether you are a property landlord or homeowner with a home that is ready for cleaning, we can handle your moving cleaning. Of course, we agree on what is needed,

Most often, there is not much time from one resident moving out until the next has to move in, and if repairs also need to be made, we are aware that a moving cleaning should preferably be quick and at the same time very efficient. Flytterengøring moves out when you need it, and is fast and at the same time very thorough. If you need to have mover cleaning done in, for example, several leases, we can also make an agreement about it.

We are happy to come by and hear about your need for cleaning help. During the visit, you will receive an assessment of how we can best meet your needs and a non-binding offer. Contact us on tel. +45 4880 9952 or use the contact form on this page – then our cleaning service is on its way.

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