The Best Things to Do in San Francisco

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This is a rare feat for famous cities. San Francisco is only seven miles wide by seven miles long, but it packs a punch in culture, food, sightseeing, and atmosphere. It is one of the most exciting cities in America, boasting vibrant neighborhoods, great dining, fantastic art, and a bridge that’s a must-see. You’re now ready to explore these famous hills.

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It’s impossible to imagine this bridge in any other color than the iconic blue. The navy requested that it be painted with yellow and black stripes to be visible to ships. Would it have been so beloved if it looked like a giant metal bee? Happily, wiser minds prevailed, and the iconic orange bridge acts as a beacon for the entire city. It’s also often covered in fog, which adds to the romantic appeal of the bridge. Visitors can either walk across it for the perfect shot or locate vantage points nearby.


Although it is a small city, San Francisco does not neglect its green spaces. It is home to many beautiful gardens and parks, including the Botanical Garden, which covers 55 acres. This garden is a highlight in the horticultural world. You will find rare magnolias, wildflowers, and other exotic plants. A dozen pianos can be found among the gardens in July. They are accessible to any budding Liberace.


Thanks to its fame on TV and in films, Alcatraz prison is a well-known landmark in San Francisco Bay. Although it has been long since decommissioned, it is still one of the most visited attractions in San Francisco. The audio tour brings back memories of prison life with tales from former prisoners and guards. Alcatraz is not just about mobsters. It’s also a powerful site for Native American protest and its history during the Civil War.


San Francisco is on the migratory route for many species of whales. This makes it the ideal place to spot these magnificent mammals. Many tour operators offer cetacean-spotting tours from the city. With hundreds of whales passing Point Reyes National Seashore each day, January is one of the best months to do this. You might spot the many Pacific gray whales as well as blue and humpback whales.


Although it might not be as well-known as New York’s Central Park, SF’s Golden Gate Park is more significant than its east coast counterpart. You’ll find a tranquil Japanese Tea Garden, hiking trails, and Victorian Conservatory of Flowers within its 1,000-acres. There’s also a vast 1912 carousel in the enormous children’s playground. This is just a tiny portion of the park, including a bison paddock and art gallery, several museums, a planetarium and monastery ruins, and a garden with all Shakespeare’s flowers.


SFMOMA was established on Third Street in 1935. Since then, its collection of 20th-century art has grown steadily. It was redeveloped in 2016, and it has tripled its size. This gives more space for the fantastic galleries and public spaces. Not only are Warhol, Matisse, and Kahlo big hitters here, but the vast art collection also includes an excellent photography collection, industrial design, and many installations and exhibitions. The Michelin-starred restaurant features a chef who recreates iconic dishes from all over the globe.

Panorama view of local people enjoying sunny summer weather at Mission Dolores Park, California. Clear blue sky and San Francisco skyline in the background.


Mission Dolores, the oldest building in the area, survives the two devastating earthquakes. It also links to the original catholic church compound that was here in the late 1800s.  Sanctuary of contemplation made from native redwood, and the interior is mostly original. Located just south of Mission to combine two visits. Locals love Dolores Park for picnics, basketball, and tennis, as well as incredible views of the city. There are also frequent concerts and movie screenings.


This neighborhood is home to one of the largest Asian communities in the United States. The California gold rush brought large numbers of Chinese immigrants to San Francisco. It is a vibrant, colorful place with its well-photographed gate on Grant Avenue. You will find excellent restaurants here. There is also some fantastic dim sum. You will find the authentic atmosphere of street art, bakeries, homes, laundries, and other alleyways as you wind through these streets.

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It’s worth the extra effort to reach Angel Island State Park. It will take you a short ferry ride from the city to get there, but the distance between the two places means that you can avoid the large crowds that often fill the parks. There are beautiful beaches on the island and trails that can bike or hike you to amazing views. The area was once a missile base, but it also served as an internment camp.


Once you have parked your car for the night, it is time to start exploring one of San Francisco’s most recent games – its brilliant brewing scene. Anchor Brewing is the most famous microbrewery in San Francisco. However, it has a history dating back to 1896. The real success of Anchor Brewing was achieve in the 1980s with the revival and popularity of Steam Beer. The Japanese brewery giant now owns it, but this shouldn’t stop the enjoyment of the tour through their building. This will show you the entire process of making this famous drink.

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