The Different Arrangements of Cutlery On a Dining Table

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The art of the table is typical know-how. Indeed, the dressing of plates and cutlery is very important. Whether you are hosting a few friends for dinner or you are organizing a large reception with hundreds of guests, know that the layout of the table is just as essential as the quality of the dishes to be served. Also, we invite you to discover the best ways to create a dining table decoration easy.

Dining cutlery table arrangement: how to proceed?

There are a few rules to follow when setting the table. One of the important points is the layout of the cutlery. Here’s how:

  • Place the forks to the left of the plate, taking care to point the tines down.
  • Then put the knives on the right, with the sharp edges oriented towards the plate. Be sure to choose quality knives so that guests have no trouble slicing their meat. In the disposable tableware shop, there are many choices.
  • The spoons will be placed to the right of the knives, with the hidden side.
  • Teaspoons are either brought back with the dessert for formal dinners or placed above the plates on informal occasions.

The rules of etiquette require that all cutlery used during the meal be already placed on the table. Thus, meat knives, fish knives, and the various accessories for shellfish must be made available. As far as their arrangement is concerned, the utensils must be placed in the order in which they will be used. For better organization, place disposable cutlery to be used first at the ends.

How to arrange the other accessories on the table?

Setting the table is not just about setting the cutlery correctly. For a beautiful dining table, it is also advisable to arrange the other accessories well:

The tablecloth

The choice of tablecloth is essential, even if you already have a pretty table. It ensures greater comfort for guests, in particular, because it reduces the noise from the impact of silverware. The People generally prefer the white tablecloth which easily goes with all the themes of a reception (Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding…).

The plates

Admittedly, during the service, the dishes are already served respectively on a plate, but that does not prevent several from being placed on the table. We can then vary the shapes and materials used to create an original table such as recyclable disposable cutlery for example. Indeed, we distinguish the following:

  • The loader’s plate or presentation plate
  • The dinner plate
  • The soup plate or salad plate
  • The bread plate, which will be placed on the left, at the top of the fork

The glasses

They are to be placed to the right of the plate and above the knife. For a large formal dinner, you will need to place three types of glass, including:

  • The glass of water: to be placed on the left
  • The glass of red wine: to be placed near the glass of water. He is the next largest.
  • The glass of white wine: to be placed to the left of the glass of red wine

It is possible to have a champagne flute or a small glass to serve a liqueur.


Our tradition dictates that we use cloth napkins and not paper napkins at the table, as they are more refined. Small white towels are an ideal choice. They are to be placed on or to the left of the upper plate. Moreover, it is not necessary to make an artistic folding. Just make two or three folds and you’re done. Indeed, a simple folding is considered more elegant.

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How to choose the material of the dishes?

To set the tables in the style in the rules of the art, it is already necessary to choose the right crockery. Indeed, whether for small or large occasions, your reception table deserves the best in terms of plates and cutlery. Among the many materials to choose from, the following stand out for their quality:

  • Porcelain: it is a benchmark for tableware. Both waterproof and resistant, it is the symbol of elegance par excellence.
  • Stoneware: an ideal material for rustic reception tables. Serving plates and kitchen utensils in stoneware are perfect for convivial dinners.
  • Earthenware: it lends itself to different table decorations and is especially popular for its vintage side. Glass also has the same advantages, in addition to its more original and less formal aspect.

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