What are the good UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi for Weekend Batches?

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There are a lot of online sources where you can access the whole GS as general studies is major portion of upsc syllabus and you could develop basic understanding of UPSC Coaching content by reading ncert books.

Even if you could manage to take coaching classes although nobody wants to teach or decode ncert books so you only would have to decode ncert.

So follow some basic reference books at least for 1 month if you are capable to collect the things in a right way then i think there is no need to join any classes and on other side if you are not able to collect contents as per upsc syllabus then you could join classes for some initial guidance.

Every coaching could provide only skeleton form of preparation here is you only would have to fill gaps in skeleton of preparation.

So i think you should read syllabus very closely and previous years and if you have done this then read some basic books at least for 1 month, after this period of month you would have clarity on to join classes or not.

Coaching platform helps you to learn and develop opinions and help to prepare for the exam more effectively.

But, you should always keep in mind that Coaching for UPSC Preparation is there only to guide you, in the end it is you who has to fight your battle.

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In this journey your coaching class will hand hold you and show you the right path and guidance so that you do not end up being on the wrong path or way. With the increasing competition in Civil Services Examination it has become very difficult to clear the UPSC exam at the first attempt without any proper guidance.


So, I would definitely suggest you enrol with one.


According to me, UPSC Pathshala is one whom you can trust. I have enrolled myself with UPSC Pathshala andtrust me, I am getting the best personalized coaching experience because of them. The best thing I like about UPSC Pathshala is their mentorship program. The mentors always keep me motivated and don’t let me lose track.


And I am very much satisfied with the course and coaching they are providing.


When will the UPSC coaching in Delhi open for UPSC 2022 Batch?

EDEN IAS is going to start its batch from 27th January 2022 for this session year. There are also some batches in February 2022.

The batches for undergraduate students are going to start from April 2022 (Those who are going to appear for class 12th this year), Aspirants those who have started their graduation can enrol under the batch of January, February and March 2022.


UPSC Coaching in Delhi, are open in online mode during the year 2021 and also, they are open for the UPSC 2022 batch.

There are many aspirants who think that online mode is not suitable for UPSC preparation.


The reality is a bit different, UPSC is never going to entertain whether the coaching is open or not.

In fact, UPSC is against this coaching culture which can be seen when UPSC always try not to ask as per the trend of coaching.

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