The Installation Process of the Centre Console Armrest Lid

Do you have a damaged or missing Centre console armrest lid? It can make a huge difference in the comfort of your vehicle. If so, you might be wondering how to set up an aftermarket one. Well, there are simply a couple of basic steps included.

Step 1 – Remove the original armrest

Before you can install your new aftermarket cover, you require to get rid of the old one. Start by opening it up totally and locating any hardware inside of it. There may be screws or clips holding the lid in place. If there are, merely remove them with your screwdriver or pliers. Take care not to scratch or otherwise damage anything around them as you do this.

Now that all of the fasteners have actually been gotten rid of, lift gently on each end of your armrest up until it starts removing itself from the console frame. Set it aside thoroughly in the meantime (you might want to lay down some paper towels under it) so that you don’t damage anything else in there during this action.

Step 2 – Install brand-new armrest lid

Now it’s time to install your brand-new Centre console armrest lid Start by having a look at its underside and finding where the clips on each side attach to the frame of the lorry. Place on some gloves, then utilize your flathead screwdriver or other small pries carry out to pull each clip from its slot on the frame. Take care not to damage anything while you do this considering that these poked metal edges can be sharp and can easily scratch the paint if you aren’t mindful!

Once all of them have been eliminated, it should be very easy for you to move your armrest cover into location versus the frame of the cars and trucks. Pull gently on one end till it begins to slide into place. When inserted, put the clips back in their slots on each side of the armrest. It needs to snap right into place and hold firmly!

Step 3 – Attach hardware to the lid

Now that your new armrest is installed, you only have another piece of hardware to connect before it’s all set for usage: its lid fastener. Start by taking a look at where your old one lay and then drilling a pilot hole for your new screws or rivets. Make sure that all of them fit comfortably here without any gaps left around them. Then, use a screwdriver or drill driver to connect them firmly.

That’s all there is to it! You now have a new centre console armrest lid where the old one utilized to be.

How to identify if you need a new armrest lid

When it pertains to car comfort, a centre console armrest lid is a big deal. If your original armrest is broken or missing, you might require replacing it. However, how can you make sure?

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing whether you need a new armrest cover. The very first is how old your vehicle is. If your automobile is more than a few years old, the opportunities are good that the original armrest cover is no longer in good condition. The next thing to think about is how typically you use your cars and truck. If you drive it every day, the armrest is likely to wear down faster than if it’s just used on weekends.

Lastly, have a look at the lid itself to see how it’s connected. Most armrest covers have a plastic or metal lock that is connected to the cover with four bolts. If among those bolts is broken or removed, you may want to just change the whole thing totally to make sure security and comfort.

Tips for keeping your centre console looking great:

1. Use a protectant to keep the surface area looking brand-new.

2. Clean it down regularly with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or particles.

3. Avoid putting heavy items on top of it, as this can cause damage in time.

4. Clean up any spills right away to avoid staining or discoloration.

5. Beware when removing or setting up cassette tapes since extreme force can harm the lid and buttons.


Installing a new centre console armrest lid is a terrific way to enhance the feel and look of your car’s interior. With a few simple actions, you’ll be on your method of installing it. Make certain to examine if you need a brand-new armrest lid before you start, and follow our suggestions for keeping your center console looking great.

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