The Pros of The WWW

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The twenty-first century may not have seen a larger phenomenon than the internet. We wake up to the sound of our alarm and right after turning off the alarm, we go to instant messaging apps with the same urgency to check if any of our friends and family have texted us during the night. While we are changing from our pajamas to our pants we tell home automation devices to give us the latest updates on the news and the temperature outside (after all, you have to know how many layers you should wear.) During our commute to work, we utilize the network of networks again to know the fastest route to our offices. Even at the workplace, there is a lot to utilize the internet for: communication with colleagues and family, ordering lunch, running online tools, seeing what you have been assigned, and uploading your work. As soon as you are done with work, there is a high chance that you will use instant messaging apps again to let your buddies know that “hey, I am free!” Once you are at the hangout session, you will likely suggest “let’s post an Insta story.” All of these things require the internet!

Ultimately, the internet is massively influential. This obviously leads to more discussions happening about it. Many inquire about how the internet was developed. Many others consider the different ways in which it is transmitted from one place to the other, including digital subscriber line and fiber-optic technology. Yet another part of the global populace wonders about how various aspects of the internet benefit the masses. Are you part of the last group? Well, this article is just for people like you! We will be discussing some of the pros of the internet’s most significant application – the World Wide Web. However, first, let us see what people mean when they sat WWW.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web consists of a countless number of web pages. All of them have information in them. Thanks to the British computer scientist, Sir Timothy Berners Lee, and his coding software HTML, you are allowed to jump from one page to another. This is where the Web comes from in World Wide Web. All this happened when the British scientist was working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The List

Now, coming to what we promised to provide you with in our topic: the pros of the World Wide Web.


Yes, that is right; you can make a ton of cash from the World Wide Web. What is even better is that you can make all of this money without even leaving the comfort of your own home! During the times of the coronavirus pandemic when many do not want to meet a lot of people, having this luxury means a lot. Writers can freelance using many sites on the World Wide Web such as Fiver. On the other hand, people who are into business can start their own e-commerce companies. They can sell all kinds of things ranging from shoes to clothes to toys. You can also sell services such as tutoring. A lot of people have video chat tutoring sessions. For these kinds of online video services, make sure you have reliable internet like the one offered by Xfinity internet for its subscribers.

Online Shopping

Someone has to be buying stuff from people who are making money from the WWW. Online shopping has a lot of advantages over normal shopping. You do not need to leave the house. Again, considering Covid, that is awesome. Also, you do not have to spend money on gas as well which seems to become more and more expensive by the day.


You can learn anything from the World Wide Web. Ask any question from Google or any other search engine and you will get the answer to it within seconds. The World Wide Web may be the biggest teacher of all time!


The WWW is not only a classroom; it is also the best playground. You can play online games with friends and family on it. Alongside, you can watch music videos and movies on it and you do not even have to pay a cent for many of them!

Wrapping Up

We are optimistic that this blog will help you realize just how beneficial the World Wide Web is to the human race. Be appreciative of the WWW and its inventor, Sir Timothy Berners Lee!

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