The Role of Community Health Nurse in Elderly Care

During the early decades following the independence, healthcare practitioners in the United States were journeying on horsebacks to access their patients and intervene medically. They preserved the well-being of communities while promoting healthcare among underserved populations. Even today, we have seen the concept of “community healthcare” reemerging as the world faces the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, community health nursing in our COVID-affected times promotes healthy lifestyles among communities, prevents pandemics from spreading, and conducts research for better healthcare. But how do they hone the practice of elderly caregiving? Let’s explain why these nurses are crucial for helping senior citizens.

Why are RNs crucial for the well-being of elderly patients?

In 2014, a Forbes article showed how almost 50% of senior citizens needed some assistance with routine activities. Also, some 40 million voluntary caregivers provided this assistance to people aged 65+ as they included senior citizens’ family members. We know that patients with age-related matters aren’t easy to handle, and qualified caregivers are required for honing for well-being. Now, that’s where we can involve community health nurse! These adult-gerontology experts mitigate these problems such as depression, end-of-life issues, medication confusions, and loss of honor/dignity among senior citizens. That’s why we need community health nurses since they play a vital role in boosting elderly caregiving in our country.

Distance learning programs help healthcare professionals bolster their abilities and assume more duties. So, you can pursue these courses to become an adult-gerontology expert, thereby tending to older adults. According to an estimate, just 3% of all RNs have this expertise! We suggest you join an online AGACNP program today to become well-familiar with the methods needed to treat elderly patients. Today, these qualifications have grown more popular as the senior-citizen population keeps rising. The world will now need more community health nurses to ensure the well-being of older adults. Let’s see how RNs with an AGACNP certificate can hone elderly caregiving. We’ll explain their importance in selected points here:

  1. Supervising their well-being:-

Elderly patients have multiple medical demands their caregivers fulfill to preserve their well-being. A healthcare practitioner ensures that patients are connected to community-based medical resources. Moreover, these adult-gerontology experts organize medications, assess a patient’s cognitive skills, and educate/empower senior citizens. They will discuss common health concerns with their patients and function as “case managers” to supervise the overall well-being of older adults needing help.

  1. Assisting each day:-

Elderly patients are often powerless to perform rudimentary functions for which they need some professional assistance. Therefore, community health nursing ensures that well-trained RNs remain available for performing these activities on the patient’s behalf. These activities can include feeding, sponging/bathing, changing diapers, providing oxygen, maintaining catheters, and giving them their medicines when necessary. Experts in geriatrics are crucial for honing their well-being because of these behaviors. Caregiverlist recommends that you check the credentials of service providers in your area to ensure they can deliver quality care.

  1. Manage medical problems:-

Now, medical problems often confuse elderly patients, and they require some assistance to manage different sorts of drugs. Studies have shown that older adults take 6+ essential medicines each day. However, elderly patients residing in long-term facilities need 7+ such drugs! So, nurses help an elderly patient take the right dose at the right time. Also, they handle the refilling of prescriptions, a task many senior citizens find overwhelming. So, our geriatrics experts are crucial for their health.

  1. Creating residential plans:-

These nurses are also responsible for creating residential programs for elderly patients. These teams consist of several medical experts who collaborate to ensure optimal caregiving for older adults in a community. These plans are tailored to fit each patient’s separate needs. Moreover, these plans are changed by altering the medical demands of elderly patients. Hence, families rely upon community health nurses’ expert opinions to establish proper schemes for the well-being of their parents now.

  1. Treating depressive symptoms:-

Experts estimate that elderly patients are more vulnerable to depression than the general populace. Therefore, healthcare practitioners with adult-gerontology expertise can identify the symptoms and cater to these vulnerable patients’ medical demands. Now, the duties of community health nurses in such cases involve promoting nutrition-filled meals and helping patients engage in different hobbies. These teams also connect families with qualified mental health counselors for auxiliary caregiving.

  1. Monitor chronic diseases:-

Senior citizens often have serious medical problems. Statistics indicate that 85% of older adults have at least one chronic health nurse. Similarly, 60% of older adults suffer from two chronic ailments. So, our geriatrics nurses monitor these problems to ensure the resident’s wellness. More adults need to have their vitals constantly checked to avoid any life-threatening condition from going undetected.

  1. Assisting impaired patients:-

Many nurses deal with elderly patients who have vision/hearing problems to trounce the obstacles hampering their well-being. For instance, cognitively-challenged patients require patient healthcare practitioners to health nurse their physical health. These adult-gerontology experts also utilize effective communication mechanisms with visually impaired and hearing impaired elderly patients. That’s how older adults get genteel caregiving from folks who don’t demean them for their shortcomings.

  1. Upholding patients’ dignity:-

Families don’t wish their older health nurse to reside in long-term facilities where they’re insulted or made victims of abuse. So, community health nurses uphold elderly patients’ dignity. That’s how adult-gerontology experts improve elderly caregiving.


The American senior-citizen population continues expanding in the 21st century. Statistics have indicated that 16.5% of our countrymen were aged 65+ in 2019. Besides COVID-19, this increasing older-adult population is why we need more RNs in the field by the end of this decade. Therefore, community health nurses have become a necessity for treating elderly patients. We’ve stated how they play a vital role in treating our seniors.

The subject of geriatrics now has evolved, and nurses must bolster their education to offer optimal medical services to their patients. These nurses enable senior citizens to maintain their lifestyles independently in the community. So, they emphasize geriatric medicine to prevent diseases while ensuring the well-being of direct caregivers. The entire nursing staff collaborates, and all the needs of these elderly patients are fulfilled. Therefore, older adults can retain their dignity while functioning properly in society Read More

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