The Truth About Owning a Doodle Dog

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Breaking down common myths and misconceptions surrounding doodle breeds, let’s be honest. They get a lot of attention, but there’s so much the internet doesn’t tell you!

Coat Types Are More Predictable Than People Say

There’s a common misconception surrounding the genetic predictability of doodle coats. In most cases, the doodle comes from one flat-coated or shedding breed crossed with the poodle’s non-shedding coat. That in itself is not enough to determine the outcome for each puppy produced; however, we’re now able to test for three genotypes that influence the coat’s curl, shedding level, and facial furnishings with new and improving technology before pairing two dogs for breeding. Since genetic laboratories can identify each specific allele and locus, the coat should be relatively predictable! This information is why it’s essential to ensure you get your doodle from a reputable breeder who does genetic testing and health screening prior to breeding.

There are rare doodle breeds that are actually parented by two non-shedding parents. The Whoodle is an excellent example of this. If both parents are non-shedding breeds like the poodle, it can be guaranteed that the offspring will also have the same coat quality.

It Can Be Hard to Verify a Breeder

Since each doodle breed is technically a mixture of two purebred dogs, there’s no official breed standard. The goldendoodle, for example, is well known, but there are no rules or regulations to govern what this breed should look like or be bred to do. This can cause some difficulty in verifying who is a reputable breeder and who isn’t, especially since there isn’t a set standard for these dogs. Thankfully with many breeders, you can vet them through their past clients and personal breeding standards. Looking for a genetic health guarantee is a great place to start. Inquiring about the condition of the parents, health tests performed, and general protocol for puppy raising can give insight into how the breeder operates and what their goals and intentions are with their breeding program.

You Might Get Hate for Shopping Vs. Adopting

Similar to politics, the dog world is full of strongly worded opinions and ideals. One of which is the idea that purchasing your pet from a reputable breeder is not as admirable as adopting a dog in need of a home. While you may be able to argue the pros and cons of both options, be prepared to face some judgment at some point.

People Who “Shop” Might Not Be Fond of Your Dog Either

Doodles come with a few stigmas attached. One of which comes from the fact that they’re not purebred dogs and don’t have any AKC or CKC recognition. Due to their lack of recognition, they are often referred to as designer dogs or glorified mutts, so to speak. So don’t be surprised if you find a few purebred snobs turning their nose up in your direction at one point or another.

“Low Maintenance” Misconception

Doodle dogs are often considered low-maintenance pets, and don’t get me wrong; there are definitely perks to having a low-shedding or non-shedding coat! It can save you time cleaning your carpets, vacuuming hair from couches, sweeping under cabinets, and lint rolling your clothing before every outing! But the truth of the matter is that with all those perks come a few downsides. Despite less cleaning, you will have higher grooming maintenance needs as a result of your new dog’s ever-growing coat.

When it comes to grooming your doodle, you can opt to purchase the tools and do it yourself, or you can enlist the help of a professional. Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll find that it still requires quite a bit of effort. Gas prices in 2022 don’t make transportation to and from the groomer any more affordable, and the grooming service itself can cost $60-$100 each session! These monthly expenses can really add up over time and require a bit of commitment to scheduling as well.

If you choose to do it yourself, you can expect to spend a couple hundred upfront on clippers, scissors, blade covers, a grooming table, and any other necessary supplies. The cost is relatively high initially but does save money in the long run. The downside of this method is you will then have a significant time commitment to your dog each month that may not be as comfortable or as efficient as a professional groomer.

Doodle Dogs Have Amazing Personalities

From the biggest doodles to the smallest Maltipoos, the main thing to remember is that there’s a reason these dogs are hitting peak popularity in 2022. One of the most admirable qualities of these dogs is their outstanding personalities. The lack of breed standard allows breeders to take the initiative and breed for temperament and likability.

If you decide to get a doodle of your own, we have no doubt you will absolutely love your dog Read More

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