Thermal Printer Main Features

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Thermal printer are a type of printer which we can call the most modern, as it doesn’t employ the traditional impact technology. Instead, similar to sublimation or laser printers, it makes use of heat as the media to print.

Thermal printer

The paper is impregnat with an oily substance that react with heat and typically transform black. Paper is typically purchase in roll, with the typical width is 40 millimeter; however, there are the 50 and 80mm sizes like thermal printers in ATMs.know more visit printer repair dubai.

The head of the thermal printer comprise pin which are heat-through resistor that are situated in the head. They’re responsible for which make the paper that is cover by the paper react, thereby transmitting the image onto the support. To determine the various image or glyph that represent the different glyphs or image, the thermal head define which pin are to be heated and in some printer, what temperature they must be heat.

About of thermal printer

Since their inception the thermal printers print images in black. However, recently printers have also come on the market that print in different colors (red being the second most popular color following black, however, there are some which print in blue). The variation in color is achieved by heating the pin on the header to various temperature.

They are now the most popular method for printing barcodes ticket or receipts. The reason for this is that their print are inexpensive, as the only consumable item that need to be purchase is paper since they do not require ink. Furthermore, the need for maintenance is not as frequent as the head doesn’t get filthy like other kinds of printers.

The thermal printer is a kind of printer that is a sub-type of industrial date code printer.

The advantages of thermal printers:

  • Economical: Since you are not using ink, you need to buy the paper in the form of consumable. Furthermore, the expense of maintenance is virtually not a thing at all.
  • The quiet and the precise: Since there isn’t any mechanism to percussion the jams aren’t visible, and jams on paper are rare.
  • Compact and small The head is small and compact. It doesn’t have a large number of mechanisms since the head doesn’t have to hit.
  • Quality and reliability Simple and easy.also visit printer repair sharjah.


  • You must buy a specific role.
  • Thermal printing is monochrome, in black, and only in the latest models, with a specific paper. It can also be printed in blue.
  • The wear and tear of the ticket printing process, particularly in areas with high temperatures, renders the print’s durability quite low, as the waxy layer on the paper reacts to the temperature and alters the message to be written on the same.
  • Because of this the above, they’re not recommended for work areas with high temperatures. For example, dry cleaners or kitchens.

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In the end we can say they are most prevalent among POS or ticket printers as they are found in the majority of shops, in a variety of sectors and with different functions.

Further more, from an Green IT point of view in that they do not create consumption of consumables in addition to the use of paper, they make these printers most eco-friendly. It is not required to reuse cartridges, which means that they do not create waste. This contributes to a eco-friendly economic system.

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