Things To Do As A Couple Of Christmas On The Eve

Christmas is knocking on the doors. If you want to do something special with your partner this Christmas then don’t think twice. Having a low key celebration is okay as long as you both enjoy it. Technological advances had made everything easy starting from tickets booking to send cake online. So you need to worry about convenience. Just sit down together and decide what makes you both happy. If you want to have a ‘couple only’ celebration this Christmas then here are a few suggestions that’ll surely work for you.

Cook a delicious meal with your partner

Research has shown that cooking is therapy. Cooking as a couple improves intimacy, helps explore each other’s choices and is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Do some charity

Santa brings a tide of happiness with it. But many underprivileged people are regained from enjoying to the fullest with their limited amenities. Do some charity, donate for a good cause or visit orphans on Xmas eve with your partner to share the joy with those who are brooding over life.

Visit churches and chapels

Apart from that mandatory church visit try to explore centuries-old edifices and chapels with your better half. Learn about the vintage artistry of old church buildings. Every time there is a story to tell, figuring out interacting tales could be exciting.

Go on a hot chocolate date

A romantic hot chocolate date could save you from freezing winds and monotonous parties. Explore the aesthetic cafes with your love. Make most of Christmas Eve with hot cocoa and waffles.

Make gingerbread

Christmas is incomplete without gingerbread. Dive in to follow the instructions of the cookbook to make that perfect gingerbread for your families.

Order a Christmas themed cake

Why experiment with batter when you can order flavourful cakes from an online bakery! Embark on the Christmas celebration by cutting an amazing Christmas themed designer cake.

Binge watch Christmas classics

If you and your partner are reluctant to dress up and go to parties then bring your party indoors in loungewear by binge-watching popular Christmas classics with popcorn and chips.

Reunite with your and your partner’s mutual friends

An intimate get together with your and your partner’s mutual friends can be a great way to celebrate this festival letting down any particular friend group.

Get passes to a Christmas ball

Flamboyant Christmas balls are for you if you are looking for extravagance and drama in your celebration. Dress up in a suit and gown to nail those slow dance moves on the floor.

Have candlelight dinner

A fairy tale candlelight dinner is perfect if you and your partner are looking for a private romantic celebration of this eve.

Go on a picnic

Pack your favourite sandwiches and juice in a cane basket, book a ride and celebrate Xmas away from a bustling urban setting, somewhere in the lap of nature.

Redecorate  each other’s room

Redecorating each other’s room is fun if you both love to indulge in cleaning and arranging stuff. However, don’t go far away with a complete room makeover that’ll make them uncomfortable.

Pop a bottle of champagne and make a toast

Drink to good health. Buy a bottle of exquisite champagne and celebrate xmas in style.

Be each other’s secret Santa

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Be each other’s secret Santa and give meaningful gifts that will not only make Christmas joyous but also will come in handy in the upcoming year.

Make colourful stockings together

Buy bland socks and then decorate them with sparkles, fur, and bells to make your own vibrant Christmas stocking.

Make spray paintings

Making easy Christmas spray paintings is a nice way to chill with your partner especially when you both have a penchant for colours. 

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