Tiles And Dark Wood Cabinets – 9 Brilliant Ideas

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Suppose you are thinking about renovating or remodeling your home. In that case, this article will give you some lovely inspiration about how to choose the right type of tile for your dark home interior. Most people think that ceramic material is too common. However, it is one of the best materials to brighten up a dark space. Plus, it’s easy to clean and upkeep. 

But, the first thing you need to consider is the texture and pattern of your tiles. You’d want to avoid using glossy tiles, as they can make your kitchen look smaller or stark. Also, a gorgeous home interior with dark wooden furniture and rustic travertine tile floor will elevate your home outlook. However, these tips and ideas can be overwhelming.

So, let’s make it easier for you with these nine brilliant ideas right here:

  1. Pair up with white subway tiles
  2. Opt for a gray countertop and backsplash
  3. Use more glass material
  4. Brighten up with absolute white features
  5. Dare to use black tiles with white grout
  6. Dark brown tones with stainless steel appliances
  7. Brick-style white backsplash with gray grout
  8. Add warmth with slate floor tiles
  9. Lighten up with wood-like floor tiles

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White subway tile is my first option in this case. It’s classic, proper for any room decorating style you choose to adopt, and it’s easy to clean as well. A cozy living room with a dark wooden wall unit and dark cabinets, dark brown living room furniture, and a white accent wall- that is the big picture. And white subway tiles are an everlasting choice for kitchen backsplashes. 

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  • Opt for gray countertop and backsplash:

Dark wooden cabinets paired with a gray countertop, gray tiled backsplash, and stainless steel island hood are a treat to watch. For sure, gray will lighten up the mood and add warmth to your home interior. In addition, complete the look with a gray backsplash and white grout lines to define the counter space.

  • Use more glass material:

Some might think that glass is an outdated material- that’s not true. If you want something more modern or unique, go with glass material and dark wood cabinets. This material makes a perfect choice for a shower area in dark bathroom tiles. Likewise, it is excellent to combine with wooden cabinets. Plus, it is very durable yet elegant, and it’s easy to clean. It is better than using glossy floor tiles.

  • Brighten up with absolute white features:

You can never go wrong with absolute white features in a dark home interior. Add a crisp white countertop and backsplash as far as floor and kitchen tiles are concerned. Moreover, black pendant lights will look stunning over that white island top. So, go for large white accents to brighten up your dark wood cabinets. 

  • Dare to use black tiles with white grout:

You might think that black tiles will add more dark features to your interior. But, it’s all about building a classic look with black tiles in various styles and shapes. Combining white grout with black tiles will be an excellent combination for your contemporary bathroom. Moreover, white grout lines will add a soft touch to it. 

  • Dark brown tones with stainless steel appliances:

If you have dark brown cabinets in the dining area and the kitchen, you may find it hard to lighten up the tone. So, here is another idea. Why not go for stainless steel appliances? If you already have dark wooden floors, stainless steel hood and appliances will add ideally to your current theme. 

  • Brick-style white backsplash with gray grout:

Typically, many rustic kitchens have dark brown or mahogany wood cabinets. This style and design are incomplete without a brick-style white backsplash. It gives a unique yet traditional touch to the entire theme. Plus, a light travertine tile floor adds more rustic charm to these kitchens.

  • Add warmth with slate floor tiles:

Do you have a copper-themed kitchen these days? If cherry and walnut are your cabinet color, go for slate-looking floor tiles. Dark and patterned, these slate tiles will add warmth to your home interior. Furthermore, you can extend this look to your dining area with a dark wood dining set.

  • Lighten up with wood-like floor tiles:

If you prefer the look of wooden flooring, wood-looking floor tiles are best for you. It will go perfectly with your dark brown cabinets, be it a dark or light texture. 


A dark home interior can be tricky to design, but you can turn it into a perfect modern setup. This post has nine brilliant ideas to brighten up your dark wood cabinets. Opt for a gray countertop, gray floor tiles, and backsplashes. Although white subway tile is a forever choice, absolute white features will contribute to lowering the dark tone. Read the complete article for more tile ideas. 

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