Tips for writing a newspaper article

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For example, if you have to write an informative newspaper article for German lessons at school, the following eight tips will help you and Buy Dissertation Online.

Use reputable sources

A good newspaper article is also characterised by reliable and reputable sources.

Blog entries and discussion forums are not necessarily one of them. When selecting the sources, you can pay attention to a few quality criteria.

First look for the originator of the source. Is this clearly recognizable? Is he an expert in the field? You should also ask yourself for what purpose the information from the source is provided. Why did the author publish the information – to provide neutral information or does he want to make a difference? 

A good source is characterised by the topicality of the information. You should rather refrain from old books, unless you are deliberately reporting on a point in time that is longer in the past.

In general, it is advisable to check the information from the source. Did the author make his sources clear? Where do facts and figures come from?

Watch the language

The language of the informative newspaper article is sober and factual. It’s not about creating tension.

Avoid assumptions and opinions, because you must not influence or misinform the readers. You should also refrain from direct speech when writing the newspaper article and reproduce what has been said in indirect speech.

Use the correct tense

Use the past tense in your newspaper article because you are reporting on events from the past. If you want to support your article with relevant background information, use the pluperfect.

At the end of your newspaper article, use the present or future tense to provide information about possible consequences of the event.



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Use paragraphs in the newspaper article to break up the text and make it stand out visually. Long and coherent texts are often off-putting and difficult to read. By dividing your article into paragraphs, you prevent potential reader fatigue.

Note the logical order

To structure your newspaper article logically, you can use the principle of the inverted pyramid as a guide. The structure principle states that you name the most important information first – they form the base of the pyramid and Where Can I Find Online Essays? 

kitchen shout

The metaphor “kitchen call” expresses that every journalistic contribution must contain a core message – you should be able to call this out to a person in a few sentences.

After the core statement of the text (w-questions) you add further main information and sources. The following paragraphs become more and more detailed and provide background information and details – in descending order of relevance.


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