Tips on applying a tan accelerator

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To use a tan activating spray or any other presentation of these products, there are essential tips that will make your skin much more beautiful.

I summarize the most important:

  • Always wear sunscreen. If your tanning accelerator does not have SPF, you should apply the protector about 15 minutes before applying the accelerator.
  • Avoid using moisturizing creams before applying the accelerator, especially if they contain alcohol, since they can interfere with the effectiveness of the product. Hydration should be at the end of the tan.
  • Always apply an even amount to the entire body and face so that there are no areas that are darker or lighter than others.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in the sun or sitting in the tanning bed. I advise you not to exceed 30 minutes. After this time you can sit a while longer under an umbrella. Take a look at these umbrellas with sun protection and you will see how useful they are.

There are readers who ask me how to accelerate tanning even faster, but I do not recommend any other method than tanning accelerators because the others can be harmful to the skin.

I have also been asked about the effectiveness of a homemade tanning accelerator. Although these are not harmful because they are made with natural ingredients, I do not recommend them because their effect only lasts a few hours.

Which tanning accelerator is better

  • All the accelerators that I have recommended are effective, but if you still can’t decide on one, I would recommend you start with the Australian Gold tanning accelerator with hemp seed lotion .

With this you will get a remarkable tan from the first moment and you will also feel fresh skin. You can also use it on your body and on your face.

Also if you write in the search engine “Australian Gold reviews” you will see the good reputation that the products of this brand have.

  • But if you want an accelerator that also includes a good level of sun protection, since the Australian Gold does not have it, then I recommend the Uresim Accelerator and Tan Enhancer since it has an SPF of 30.

It also has carrot oil so it regenerates the skin and does not leave a greasy feeling. Of course, with this product, the tan is a little lighter than with the previous one.

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