Top 10 amazing camping sites near mumbai

In Mumbai you can have  many camping sites with both fun and adventure activities. Every working person waits the whole weekday for weekends just to relax and relax from the hectic work. People plan to visit different places and want to spend the  time with friends and family all alone . Staying away from hectic work. Take a break to visit campsites in Mumbai. Mumbai offers many campsites to chill and relax with warm fire , dark nights , and cold breeze.

Let’s see few camping sites near mumbai :

Karnala :

 This place is located  within a short drive from Mumbai. This is the best getaway and  best place for a quick trip or vacation.There is a bird sanctuary near this place . You can go bird watching, there are many exotic birds with different species.You can go trekking if you’re an adventurous freak.During monsoons you can enjoy the odd waterfalls . You can have some fun with camping sites.


Vasind is a town in Maharashtra which is located on the banks of the river Bhatsa and covered by hills. This place is just 60 kms away from Mumbai and this place is connected to Vasind railway station.This place is popular with many temples of hindus, green hills and also beautiful views.This place has adequate water supply and sanitation facilities. Most people visit  this place  to spend time with nature by exploring  forests and trekking forest hills. What activities can we do there? You can go trekking,Camping, You can explore the nearest villages, kayaking, jeep safari into the forest to explore Flora and Fauna. You can explore the nearest places like Mahuli fort, manas mandir, Mukta jeevan. Khativali Canal, Swami Samarth math, gajanan Maharaj Ashram. Vasind has many waterfalls around the vasind and the best time to visit is in monsoons.

Pavana Lake :

Pavana is located on the banks of Pavana dam near lonavala. This is the most popular campsite near Mumbai . This place is the most attractive place  with peacefulness and with rustic nature. Spending time here and breathing fresh air , having a campfire along with  hot barbecue camping sites, soaking in water and swimming, during nights gazing at the sky with stars twinkling . All these make the best trip  sitting next to your family or friends. Making fun of them all these things makes you have good memories. There are many historic forts also to visit like Lohgand, tikona and Tungi are nearby places to visit. Tourists to this place are increasing in recent times.

You need to pitch your own tent and select your comfortable packages to enjoy there which includes accommodation, food and activities to do. Paragliding is a popular activity at this place. Most of the people visit this place to relax and enjoy nature with a pleasant lake camping sites. No crowd of  people will be there.The migration of birds is in June to August . You can enjoy bird watching at this time. Best time to visit is in the winter season from November to February.This is the best place to enjoy the cold weather and environment. Better carry warm clothes. The nights are really very cold. Don’t dive deep into the lake.


Maharashtra is famous for White water rafting in Winters. Rafting is the most popular activity.

This place is located in Raigad in Maharashtra.This place is well known for waterfalls, green meadows and beautiful Sahyadris. Kolad has many  adventure sports like Rappelling, rafting, kayaking.Kolad is most  beautiful in winters  . The river Kundalika is a popular place here in kolad. River Kundalika is the fast flowing water which is ideal for river rafting and with other adventure activities camping sites. There are forts, dams and many waterfalls which makes Kolad more attractive.Kolad has many plants with lavish greenery . This is a beautiful valley with potartait edge.Kolad has popular waterfalls and rocky mountains.


Matheran is the most unpopulated hill place.Visiting and camping sites at Matheran is a good place to experience . This place is 2 hrs far from Mumbai by the Charlotte lake which is covered with dense forests. You need to do everything yourself that was believed by camp instructors camping sites. Everything is provided but all you need to do is to put efforts in pitching camp, cooking food. You’ll enjoy your self service . Few activities like Rappelling, valley crossing, trekking for 11 kms.This place is popular for views from the hills.It probably has 36 view points.Exploring Sahyadri mountain range with beautiful nature covered with Green meadows Learn More

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