Top 4 Handbags For Women To Buy In 2022

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A women’s handbag is more than a functional accessory. This is an indispensable part of the image, its addition and accent. In the wardrobe of every modern lady, there can be several very different models for all occasions at once – from a clutch for a secular exit and an everyday Handbags For Women to a voluminous shopper and a sports backpack. There are more and more brands producing this accessory every year. You can get these handbags directly from brand stores or from online superstores like Amazon, Dhgate top suppliers, Walmart, eBay etc.


We will look at the most popular brands of women’s bags to choose the most interesting. There are a huge number of variations of this product, but consider the models most used and loved by ladies today:


  • Classic bag: Medium sized product for everyday wear. You can put not only keys, a wallet and a smartphone into it, but also all the little things you need every day.
  • Clutch: Small bag with a long strap. There are options for every day or ceremonial, for evening dresses. They differ in miniature size, allowing you to put only money and a phone inside. Evening models are usually very distinguished by rich finishes.
  • Travel and Sports Bags: These are voluminous accessories, most often made of especially durable fabrics (cordura, nylon). Traditionally come with a sturdy handle.
  • Tote: Everyday bag of rectangular or trapezoidal shape. Usually has two small handles and a dense shape. Perfect for office style.
  • Crossbody: It has a medium size, has a long strap that is convenient to throw over your shoulder. An excellent choice for casual style, comfortable for every day.


Today, there is a huge variety of shapes (from geometric classics to fantasy ones), colors and styles, so that every fashionista can easily find one to her taste. Big name brands are more likely to have a personal style in their products, and it is not uncommon for women to favor one or two brands that resonate with them. Below we have shared top 4 handbags for women supplier.

Top 4 Handbags for Women

1. Prada

This fashion house is hard to miss. He constantly appears in films (for example, in the popular melodrama The Devil Wears Prada). Classic Italy, the brand has been around for a little over a century, having been born in Milan. Each bag combines sophistication, lightness and the Italian idea of beauty.


Basically, the company uses natural leather in various processing (quilted, smooth) in the production. The brand combines both classic models and unusual design solutions in its assortment.

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a fashion house that does not even need to be introduced. This name is strong and has been around for a long time. The logo is one of the most recognizable around the world today. For the production of most models, the company uses a patented material production technology. Absolutely all models have a status look and are unique.

3. Bottega Veneta

The famous Italian brand has become easily recognizable thanks to its unique author’s weaving. The company was born decades ago in the small Italian town of Vincenzo. Today it is one of the world’s brands, which employs famous designers. Brand products are distinguished by their practicality, unique appearance and long service life.

4. Gucci

Another brand from emotional and sunny Italy. Gucci has been on the list of the best for decades. Brand products, even over the years, do not go out of fashion and do not lose their uniqueness. Gucci regularly pleases its admirers with new shapes, shades and variety of the model range. Interestingly, some of the limited collections of the Italian fashion house are themed – they are dedicated to certain events or places. The bags of the brand have been worn for years, the best raw materials are used for their production Read More

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