Top 7 Reasons To Select A French Windows

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French windows and doors blur the partitions between rooms by increasing the flow of natural light into the house. Inspired by Italian architectural style, they were initially employed to establish pathways between a room and a patio or a backyard opening to gardens/ fountains. The French Window served as a link between the indoor dwellings and the great expanse of nature.

Today, modern French doors are installed to connect almost every kind of room— living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms, bedroom, walk-in closet, or a balcony. The classic beauty and excellent functionality of French doors contribute to their increasing popularity.

Outstanding Appearance

One of the main benefits of French windows is that it compliments any kind of architectural style— contemporary, country, eclectic, commercial, and even historic homes. While these classic doors look similar to traditional patio doors, the top and side frames are smaller than the bottom frame. 

Natural Lighting

French doors increase the natural lighting in your living areas. You can also customize the design to swing inwards or outwards based on the house layout. If you want a more modern approach, you can customize them in sliding door style, one that opens and closes by sliding on a track. Or even as French casement windows— French casement windows hinge on the sides, open horizontally, and do not have a center meeting stile. They offer ample ventilation and uninterrupted vistas. 

Safety Features

Contrary to the idea of external French doors being less secure, they are just as secure as traditional doors. While French doors do have large glass areas, they can be linked with flexible hinges and multi-lock systems to strengthen the security of your home. Like any other door, if anything puts the security features of French doors at risk is poor or improper installation. This is also why you want to partner only with top reputable manufacturers— for a proper, high-quality French windows installation. 

Improve Home Value

French doors are a fantastic way to increase the value of a property. These doors are one of the home renovation projects with the highest return on investment— you want to keep that in mind if you plan to sell your home in the future. The initial cost may deter some homeowners, but it is usually worthwhile down the road.

Panel Flexibility 

Most French doors are equipped with grille patterns, but you can have them removed to increase the amount of sunlight. When it comes to panel designs, French doors can vary from one panel and two panels or go up to three to four panels— for homeowners who wish to establish a spectacular entrance.

 Energy Efficiency 

Exterior French doors improve the insulation and energy efficiency of a home. The dual glass panes trap warm air indoors during the cold season and keep the cool air from escaping during the summers. You can also add additional layers of glazing to increase energy efficacy further and reduce utility expenses.

Create Unique Rooms

French doors are commonly used as exterior doors, but they can also be used to partition the living areas. For example, placing French doors indoors— between the kitchen and the dining area- helps define unique interior environments. You can also position French doors in a bedroom to create an open structure appearance. 

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