Top advantages of working remotely

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The human resources industry had a very difficult time due to the pandemic. Globally, the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of havoc. People were more concerned about health and safety. This pandemic has redefined the fundamentals of the HR Process in several ways and has given rise to new realities like:

  • Social distancing
  • Online (virtual) work
  • Self-isolation
  • Lockdowns
  • Shutdowns
  • Quarantine
  • Shelter-in-place
  • Essential businesses

These concepts reinvent where and how to work by exploring the demand to work remotely called working at home, working virtually, telecommuting, and others. Now, it has become a dominant reality for nearly every firm.


Cognitive and emotional trust usually comes from face-to-face interactions. These aspects are really difficult while working at home. To compensate for this, new applications were developed like zoom, teams, Google meet and many more, which has made the video calls hassle-free. With these apps in existence the employees can show their personalities by setting backgrounds, or by sharing personal moments.

Work-life balance

Working at home reduces traditional boundaries of going to and from work, creates pressures of doing work while managing kids (especially when kids face school closings), and needs the discipline to avoid other distractions (e.g., television, internet, food, and family matters). Human resource management have also encouraged employees to set work norms and routines (e.g., respond to calls within a certain time frame, seek a private space to work) and to prioritize work that has to be done.


Employees want to know about their performance and also want their contributions to be recognized. HR leaders can be conscious of celebrating success in remote settings by sharing the success stories, providing personal comments to remote employees, sharing best practices, and offering credit to employees who deliver results. Positive performance conversations can also occur remotely to help employees.


One if major benefits of remote work is obviously no need to commute for office daily. As the traveling times are getting longer, with the presence of remote work, gone are the hours spent sitting in traffic or stuck in a crowded train or bus to get to an office. Not to mention the hours each individual saves, one’s time as well as the team’s time is valuable.  Human resources have made the changes for full-time, which gives employees the extra time to focus on the work that matters rather than worrying about traffic and their increasing daily commutes.

Ability of technology

The role of technology is to simplify the life. The HR professional, is required to be efficient at whatever tasks they perform. One must set an example of all sorts at the workplace. For this, one must adapt to newer technologies and find a quicker way of doing things. If one feels some of the tasks are repeating, try automating it.

With the help of collaborative software, one can become more efficient at managing tech concerns and also tech savvy too. These aspects will help to achieve more in less time period.

Fewer distractions

When one works remotely, they can easily control their office environment. That means one can develop a space that ensures productivity and reduces distractions. The human resource management also encourages that being alone and focusing on work gives more productivity rather than being in an office with others can be distraction. At office, one usually gets interrupted about things that take their focus away from the task in which one is currently involved.

Office politics

The peaceful advantage of working remotely is that no involvement in office politics. There will be lesser misunderstandings as the applications you use will have recording option if one is communication verbally and if someone wants to send a message then one won’t be missed as the message will be in the chat box. So the scope of miscommunication is very less.  Moreover if the whole team is functioning completely remote then there will be no one, who is left out.

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