Top Trendy Napkin Folds for A Designer Table

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At the sight of certain tableware, the folding napkin can seem like a complex task. However, not only are these accessories essential to ensure the comfort of the guests, but they also participate fully in the embellishment of the decoration. Also, whether you are organizing a wedding reception, an anniversary, or a business seminar, it is important to properly present the napkins on the plates.

10 napkin folding ideas

The next time you invite a few people over for dinner, surprise them with these simple napkin folding ideas.

A tree-shaped napkin

An easy and quick fold to decorate a Christmas and New Year table. To proceed, make a folded square, then roll up the corners to form layers. Then turn the towel over to reveal your evergreen tree. Indeed, the napkin should present a zigzag.

A flower-shaped napkin

Choose a napkin in the color of your theme from a disposable tableware shop. Then fold it into a square before turning it over and folding it in the corners. To obtain a flower, you just have to take out the lower edges.

A double-lined towel

For this folding, you need a square napkin in the color of your choice. Make a few folds, then pull the sections together to create a V. Do the same on the other side. Then, unfold the napkin to have your double star.

A crown towel

To bring out the idea, choose red napkins. Start by folding the towel, then roll up each side (left and right) to join them in the middle. Make them fit together. _ _ _ _ To reveal the beautiful crown, finish by folding the sides.

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Pastel napkin

For this style that is suitable for all occasions, you need a red towel and a green towel. Overlap the two, then fold them to form a triangle. You can draw small specks on the paper towel to make it look more realistic.

A pink towel

Classic but essential for Valentine’s Day, the rose-shaped napkin will bring a touch of romance to your table decoration. Red is of course the color for you. Start by forming the towel into a roll. Then hold the left corner down to get a right angle. Then, twist the fabric to have the structure of a rose petal. Finally, flip the towel over and tuck the corners back into place.

A sailboat towel

Striped paper napkins will do just fine for this napkin folding. First, fold two corners in the center, then fold this shape in half again, so that the corners remain neat. Make a few more moves until your sailboat is formed.

A turkey napkin

An ideal folding technique for a festive Thanksgiving table. You will need two cloth napkins for each plate. Fold the two ends of the napkin to the center and repeat this process several times. Then, fold the thinnest corner so as to obtain a turkey head which you will then straighten.

Bird of paradise towel

Use a disposable yellow paper towel. Then make a few folds to get a diamond shape and create flaps or rather playful feathers to bring out the desired bird shape to spruce up your disposable meal tray.

A fish towel

Ideal for a child’s party, the fish-shaped napkins are obtained in a few artistic folds. It will take you one to two minutes to fold each napkin. For more fun, use napkins with polka dot patterns.

How to succeed in napkin folding?

To succeed in a folding technique, it is advisable to follow video tutorials. So, whatever style inspires you, you can achieve a perfect result. You will also find decoration ideas to enhance your party tables. Indeed, some folds can be difficult to perform and explain. Visit also: Sandwich Paper and Tray Liner Suppliers

A wide range of towels to choose from

To make napkin folds in an original way, get quality models. Paper towels come in different varieties:

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Grounds

You can order them in several quantities to benefit from decreasing prices. Moreover, to embellish your festive table, you can also get original reusable crockery, without forgetting the matching cutlery and tablecloths.


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