Top 5 Translation Management System Picks In 2022

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Managing high volumes of content translations for multiple regions is not an easy nut to crack. It involves a lot of hard work, and you would need to have a strong localization and translation strategy in place. For localization purposes, it is recommended to use a translation management system that comes with advanced features, so it would help you smartly manage the localization projects.

When it comes to picking the best translation management system, there are a lot of options available to choose from. It depends on your localization project needs and based on your requirements you can customize your TMS.

While choosing a TMS for your translation and localization project, make sure it has all the required features that you need to fulfill your unique business expansion needs.

This article provides a list of one of the best online translation tools and resources that you can consider using for your localization project.

Best of Translation Management System In 2022

Below is the list of the most popular and demanding translation and localization management tools that you can use to optimize your localization processes.


It is one of the fastest-growing translation management tools that contain many advanced localization features. Using this tool, you can easily manage translations for websites, software, apps, etc.

Smartling streamlines your translation workflow and enables agile operations management that help you complete your localization project quickly. It uses AI technology to generate high-quality translations in multiple languages in the fastest turnaround time. 

This tool would make your localization journey hassle-free, and you can smoothly launch your brand into the international marketplace. You can also integrate brand glossaries into the system to keep your brand voice consistent in all markets.

Moreover, Smartling also has built-in translation memories that enable quick and relevant translations.


This tool deals with all of your translation and localization management issues. It is a famous name in the translation industry and there are many agencies, enterprises, and language service providers that use this tool for localization purposes.

Transifex is designed for localization teams to collaborate on translation projects and effectively manage the localization tasks. It is a cloud-based TMS that comes with advanced localization features such as translation memory, glossaries, quality assurance tools, etc.

It has incorporated a machine translation tool that allows you to generate high volumes of content in seconds. This tool also makes the localization project scalability much easier because of higher transparency.


It is an all-in-one best translation management system that is designed for enterprises, freelancers, agencies, and LSPs to fulfill their translation and localization needs. It is a versatile translation management tool that comes with advanced features to ease your localization journey.

Moreover, it supports more than 150 languages, making it an ideal choice to create a robust multilingual business presence globally.

The advanced machine translation feature of this system helps you generate a large amount of content translation quickly. All the translations are high quality and in-context which requires minimum editing and proofreading.

It also removes the communication gap between the translation team and enables effective collaboration. MarsHub also provides a flawless translation management experience to translation teams, making your global business expansion much more effortless.


This is a versatile translation management system that comes with many advanced features, such as project tracking, automated workflow, translation memory, quality assurance, machine translation, etc.

It is a cloud-based SaaS software that is designed for technological agencies to manage their localization project in a more hassle-free way. This tool also offers training through online instructions and other documentation.

Moreover, to provide seamless translation to businesses this tool incorporates advanced MT engines that generate translations quickly without compromising on the quality.


It is a leading translation management system used by more than 2000 companies around the world. It is a cloud-based translation tool that ensures high-quality translations and automated translation workflows to achieve maximum work efficiency.

This tool provides high accessibility and transparency, so your team can access the tool from any location, using any device. It helps the translation teams to collaborate with each other in real-time. Localise also offers high transparency that makes it easier for global businesses to scale their overall growth.


Summing up the whole discussion, we can say that the translation management system can help you optimize your overall translation management operations by streamlining your everyday translation operations. The TMS tools mentioned above are one of the most recommended and reliable tools available online.

You can choose your ideal TMS based on your unique business needs, or you can customize your TMS tools by adding the features that your business needs and eliminating the extra ones. This way you will get exactly what you need to achieve the localization goals. You don’t have to pay any added cost to your language service provider.

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