Try these strategies to get more views on YouTube in 2022

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YouTube is constantly changing and growing. It’s long past the days filled with funny video clips of dogs and cats on skateboards. Today, YouTube is also a platform for businesses. Over 1 billion hours’ worth of video is watched on YouTube each day. That’s greater than Netflix and Facebook video together. free YouTube views

How to Increase Views on YouTube?

Let’s discuss the strategies that will help you get free YouTube views for your videos.

Insert Attractive Thumbnail Images

A thumbnail is a video’s preview picture. This tiny image is important to increase the number of free YouTube views. When you upload your video, you have the option of using one of the automatically generated thumbnail images. Don’t use them. YouTube claims 90% of most popular videos on YouTube utilize these thumbnails for legitimate reasons.

(If you’re not already verified your YouTube account, use this option.)

An attractive thumbnail image can help make your videos make an impact. YouTube states, “Thumbnails require an art director’s eye to create branding and should not be considered an afterthought. “In reality, they suggest thinking about your thumbnail before recording. So, you can ensure that you record the necessary footage to create a memorable thumbnail image. A quality thumbnail should be captivating, appealing, in line with your branding, and accurately portrays the film’s content. Try to include:

  • Brightly coloured backgrounds
  • Faces in close-ups
  • Text overlays
  • Sublime brandings like the appearance of a tiny logo or watermark

Try these technical tips:

  • Utilize a 16:9 aspect proportion because this is the most popular aspect ratio for YouTubers
  • Have a resolution of 1280×720
  • Do not have a file size less than 2MB
  • It can be formatted as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .PNG

You can also utilize an online image editing or graphic design software like Canva to design thumbnails. Keep in mind that thumbnails are among the most effective ways to grab the attention of those who browse YouTube and other websites, so ensure that your thumbnails are appealing and captivating.

Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in your field can be the difference between being famous or slipping into the background. People who have a thorough understanding of the current events in their industry can make videos that are up-to-date and intriguing to those who research the subject. This knowledge of your field can also help you spot the most famous content when it occurs so that you can share it with your audience before any other person. The first person to announce details will make you look like an authority in your field. This leads to increased exposure for the content as well as more views.

Create an Influencer Community

Establishing an influential influencer network that shares content from the community content and collaborates to assist everyone in the community is an excellent way to increase the number of views of the YouTube channel. Being an influencer is often lonely and highly competitive. Contacting other influencers similar to you to share information and knowledge will help build an influential community wherein they support each other and support those who are struggling. Finding influencers with similar characteristics using devices like Unamo and Buzzsumo and then reaching them will get the ball rolling. However, be sure to establish an end goal and a compelling reason for keeping contact to ensure that it’s an exchange of information and not just one-sided.

free YouTube views

Invite Guest Vloggers

Guest blogging is an excellent method of gaining followers or viewers. Find influencers with similar interests to yours and establish a solid relationship with them, resulting in them being more likely to share your content with their followers. This is a guaranteed method to get free views on YouTube.

Guest Vloggers are great, not just to gain more views but also to add an extra dimension to your YouTube videos. A second person to discuss ideas for your videos can help you develop your ideas for innovative videography that will generate additional views to the YouTube channel. It’s certainly not just his followers who are watching and sharing the videos, but also the influencers too.

Upload Your Videos at the Best Time

The ideal time to upload your videos is when your potential customers view your videos. This is, thankfully, not a problem anymore since YouTube keeps track of the times and days that your viewers are watching YouTube. You can go through the “When your viewers are on YouTube” report to pinpoint the times when they are most active and then publish content within one or two hours before the peak times. By posting earlier, you allow viewers to see your latest videos, resulting in more free YouTube views.

To view the report, visit your channel’s homepage, select Customize Channel, select Analytics from the left-hand tab beneath the picture of your channel’s profile and then click on the tab for Audience. There should be an option to create the “When your viewers are on YouTube” report. If you’re not getting sufficient daily views to make this report, you could try publishing during the timeframe we discussed on our post, The Best Moment to Post to Social Media in 2021.

Transcribing YouTube Videos

Making videos is excellent; however, sometimes your viewers require transliteration due to language limitations or disabilities. YouTube provides closed captions, where the transcript is included as subtitles for a video. Viewers can turn the subtitles off and on at their discretion. If you plan to open your videos for international distribution and need to translate them, it’s an excellent idea. The ability to translate scripts helps those with other languages capabilities to comprehend your videos more clearly. What is the best way to create the transcription for uploading to YouTube? It’s pretty easy in reality. Create a SubRip Subtitle file, SRT for short, and include the times for start and end alongside the text.

Improve Your Titles for Video

YouTube is an online search engine. SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial. YouTube’s algorithm will consider several elements when choosing videos to display in results. The platform also provides numerous possibilities to improve your channel and videos, including file names, descriptions, titles, and tags. Include as much detail as you can. Determine the keywords you wish your videos and channel to be ranked for.

Share videos on other Social Media Platforms

If you’ve followers across other popular social media channels and other channels, inform them every time the new YouTube video is YouTube. The best method of doing this is by posting a short teaser video. In the below example, we made a minute-long teaser of a brand new YouTube video. Then, we shared it on our Oberlo Facebook page along with a link to the entire YouTube video. Then, we posted it on the Oberlo YouTube channel. Don’t forget to think about the power of email marketing. With a standard open rate of 18 percent and an average purchase rate of 66, marketing via email marketing is an effective tool for sales conversions. It doesn’t have to be complicated. YouTube isn’t a separate social network, so be sure that you cross-promote your YouTube videos on your other free marketing channels.

Be Sure That Your Videos Are Embeddable

You’ve worked for hours making a fantastic video, and viewers are now eager to post it on their sites and blogs! But they aren’t. You didn’t allow embedding. The ability to let viewers embed the video on their websites and blogs is a suitable method for your company to expand its reach and gain more views through YouTube. If the video is embedding activated, whenever a person clicks Share under the video’s window, YouTube will show them the option to embed your video.

When they click this button, they’ll be in a position to copy the embedding code for the video and paste it into their website or blog. To enable embedding on your video, head into the Creator Studio and go to the page that edits the video. Click ‘Advanced Settings’ and scroll to “Distribution options,” and ensure that “Allow Embedding” is ticked.

Bottom line: Make sure that your videos include embedding capabilities to get users to spread your content.

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