The Best Way to Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property

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By the study of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property: In countries where real estate investment is growing, the growth of sub-sectors is also increasing. Because it is not a standalone region. It is not just the real estate sector. Which is one of the largest in terms of potential to enable other sectors, and relies on building homes. Sub-development grew accordingly. Turkey is one of the major countries that has taken. Serious measures in the production of housing projects over the past 15 years. The concepts of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property are gaining popularity in many countries around the world. The rise of Turkey’s real estate business, along with 250 submarines, is contributing to the recovery, according to research firms. These are important details that show how important this sector is to the country’s economy.

Why is real estate important?

There are several reasons why many people want to invest in housing projects. The real estate investment, a business name for employment. Preferred by people who wish to contribute to the economic growth of the country. An important investment vehicle in both income and economic balance. When these features and privileges come together, the serious growth of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property has become the expected return for Turkey. Housing projects in a modern structure appear increasingly every day. As the demand for project implementation increases, it has a large share in driving the economy.

Selling real estate to foreigners in Turkey

Since Arabs still hold the title of the most purchased real estate in Turkey. Director of the Land Registry and Real Estate Research Office in Turkey has included statistics. On Turkish foreign property sales compared to the past decade. 

It was revealed that 67,322 properties were sold by selling properties to Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property. Iraqis are the most popular purchasers of British followers in Germany, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The rise in real estate and land purchases in Turkey

Property purchases are on the rise, especially in Turkey, as happened last year. With more than 6000 properties sold and registered in Turkey. Real estate sales in Turkey amounted to 60.015, according to Anadur. Nearly 10,000 properties in 2010

Istanbul, Antalya, Mugla and Fethiye are one of the most heavily purchased real estate cities by Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property, Istanbul, Bursa and Mugla are also on the land purchase list. Istanbul alone sells more than 25,000 apartments. Most of which are located in the Esenult district on the European side of Istanbul.

The best investment decision is real estate

From the very beginning of the period, Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property began to take a serious step in our country. To date, serious changes have begun to occur in many regions. As mentioned above, progress in this area is not only affecting the current sector. Not only in sub-groups and other sectors that are growing through the integration of various sectors. The accessibility of real estate investment in Turkey should be read and evaluated in this way these days. You must be aware of the exact reasons for large scale business fragmentation. 

Unemployment is declining and foreign labor is dependent on the rapid progress of the real estate investment in Turkey. Therefore, the most correct investment decision is “real estate”.


In short, feel free to speak with a real estate advisor about the options available to settle or invest in Turkey if you decide to own a property. They are ready to serve you in four languages. Other support services before and after real estate investment in Turkey offer the best opportunity not only to prepare Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property file for you and your family under the supervision of a Turkish lawyer.

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