Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing and its services

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What is Digital Marketing? 

In layman words, digital marketing is the process of marketing and advertising one’s products, services. The whole brand in itself on the digital platform. This digital platform can be either website, blogs, social media profiles, emails. It’s a digital way of bringing in the targeted crowd to increase your site’s traffic and raise the sales. 

Why has it become so necessary? 

Digital marketing has in business for almost a decade now. But, now is the time when you just can not afford to miss out on such a great opportunity. It would better make great use of it. If you haven’t already. Why? Because yes, internet is available in every part of world. Now and everyone has access to digital platforms from where they access the web. And why not? Now tell me, isn’t this the right time to target audience on the digital platform when they are actually actively using internet pretty much all the time now.  

Digital marketing strategies : 

There are many digital marketing strategies that used by digital marketing company in India to improve the performance of your website and to get increase traffic. Let’s have a look at all of these digital marketing services in brief: 

  1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the most important strategies that need to be at the most perfect level for your brand to prosper more. In simple words, it is the process of optimizing the website’s or any content for it to rank higher on SERP – Search Engine Result Pages. It’s done through the help of using the most appropriate keywords and phrases according to the brand’s niche and target audience, in all the content. 
  2. PPC – Pay Per Click. This kind of marketing strategy focus on advertisements. And the marketer paid according to the number of times the advertisement has clicked, and thus, the term pay per clicks. Google AdWords is one of the examples of PPC. 
  3. Social Media Marketing – This is the process of advertising the brand and its services and products on the social media platforms. It’s done by using all the features of a particular social media platform. Fir instance, if the brand has an account on Instagram, then using the features of stories, posts, comments, and reels to advertise and engage. 

Also Some more Marketing Strategies provided under

  1. Paid Search Advertising – This kind of advertising done with the help of Search engines, where these platforms lets the brand run an ad. For instance, you are searching for a Strobe, when you’ll try to Google it, the first results on the top would include the advertisements of where the best strobes are available. This is done with paid search advertising. 
  2. Email Marketing – Have your ever seen an advertisement of a brand through email in your inbox? For instance emails from Myntra or Zomato, where the emails would include a catchy line and a link to go to? That’s email marketing. This marketing focus on the number of people who open the mail and the number of people who click on the links provided in the mail. 

Explained in brief above are some, but not all of the strategies that used by a Digital Marketing company in India to help your business grow even further.  

PPC and its models

This digital marketing strategy is one of the most often used strategy these days. We have explained in little detail about what it is but let’s go into the depth of this strategy and why exactly is this so famous these days. 

Most often than not, pay per click advertising rates decide on the basis of 2 models – flat rate and bid-based. 

In the flat rate model, the pay for each click fixed, though it should be kept in mind that different pay rates decide for different areas of the website. But in the bid based model, different advertisers make bids, according to the maximum amount of money that they are ready to pay for the advertising spot. An auction takes place as soon as a user triggers the ad spot. It shouldn’t forgotten that the winner of the said auction chosen on the bases of the rank and the amount of money that offered. The rank decide by considering both the money and quality of content. Therefore, the relevance of content doesn’t go down. 

There are many ppc services agency which provide numerous ppc marketing services. Some of these services include Google Ads (Search & Display Network), Bing Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Remarketing/Retargeting.

The whole process of digital marketing and making advertisements can be very hectic and confusing, and thus, it is always an easier option to hire digital marketing company in India who are always eager and available to help and guide you in this process.