How do I prepare for the UPSC exam?

The reason I’m writing this response in complete ignorance of your academic qualifications and your track records in the past for UPSC.

The realization Of UPSC that you don’t know anything is a positive indicator, I’d suggest. I also feel until this day that I don’t know anything and I’m sure you will too. It’s better to believe this rather than believe that you have everything. 

I’d suggest you to do this:(EDEN IAS)

  • Start by getting into your habit of reading. Once you’ve got that down, you’ll start to love the process and that will solve the majority of your issues.
  • Check out any newspaper that is reputable daily and do not miss the editorial. It will help you update your knowledge of current affairs. You can purchase NCERT books on geography, Ethics Integrity and Aptitude and economy, as well as polity, to establish the foundation for General Knowledge of UPSC Exam.
  • The next step is to pick your preferred topic. Select the subject that you are passionate about instead of the one that others recommend due to the subjects that score high.
  • Read the CSE syllabus to determine the scope and length of the subject that is covered.
  • Choose the appropriate set of books — not too many , but those that you need and the best quantity.
  • Make a plan and create your routine. You should then be to a space with books all around you.
  • Maintain faith in your abilities. Avoid cramming. Make sure you understand and analyze the content you learnt. Immerse yourself in.
  • Finally, don’t fret about having no assistance. All information is readily available online. There are numerous advisors for UPSC , and sometimes too many advisors could cause problems. Therefore, it is recommended to check your progress regularly.

Try these. I’m sure things will begin getting better for your preparation of UPSC.

 The modification in question requires the answers to be altered in line with the change. Modifications that are appropriate will be made in the near future.

There is no specific details about yourself, such as your academic level, age or working status, etc. However, the process to clear UPSC is the identical for all. It is up to you to choose a create a plan and begin to implement the strategy.

If you’re planning to get started on getting ready for UPSC you should start by studying NCERTs. Whatever your education background, it’s best to begin with NCERTs. UPSC Exam The next question is what NCERT to choose. Therefore, the answer is to start by reading a single volume. Purchase only one book of the class 6th NCERT say, of History and begin reading it without worrying about keeping everything. Simply read it and gain an understanding of it after you finish it. and then start a new one. Slowly , you’ll be able to discern what you should do next.

  • Be aware that the preparation for UPSC requires patience, so start with one book , and then continue reading FOR EDEN IAS UPSC ASPIRANTS.
  • There is always something about the preparation for your UPSC from me. Please feel free to reach me and begin the process today.

The first step is to know what the test pattern. Prelims Test for Qualifying.

Exam and Mains – Total marks 2075 marks.

It is important to know the syllabus for the test and then purchase the right textbooks.
Selecting the alternative depending on your prior educational background to help you understand the complexity of the subject and helps you score higher.
Even if you wish to select a totally new alternative, it’s not a problem, unless you are sure that there is the correct access to the materials on the topic you select.
You should allow yourself plenty of time to study for the test prior to taking it. (I think 2 to 3 years)
Begin each lesson with NCERTS for 9-12th grade or 6-12th grade depending on the subject’s requirements.
Read the HINDU daily.
Read a great newsmagazine.
All you need to know is. You can certainly learn yourself by conducting an intelligent, thorough and committed research.

We are all aware about the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the body that conducts an exam called the Civil Services Examination, and it’s a challenging and prestigious exam of the nation. But millions of youngsters across the country are studying for this test and hope to be the next IAS officer. If we take a look at the procedure and structure of the exam and its requirements, we’ll find that in order to succeed in the exam, we have to plan our preparation with a clear method and system. If the candidate begins preparing for this exam prior to graduation, it’s likely that the likelihood of being selected for this service will rise exponentially and the applicant will be able to effectively determine their future within this prestigious organization.

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