Urant Wireless AC1200 Extender Firmware Installation

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The urant wireless ac1200 extender wiFi range repeats the signal boost to Coverage up to 2640sq.ft. it is AC1200 dual band wifi device. Smart indicator lights help you to know about signal situations and reset connectivity. Then advanced technology antennas boost the wifi signals in the dead zone. Enhance Internet WiFi signals coverage. It is compatible with any Router /Access Point. etc. The urant wireless extender also provides you with two modes for repeater connectivity. Easy and simple connection with any type of device in just  5 minutes.

Powerful and secure security for the wireless network so doesn’t worry about any type of the hiker and outward network. advanced high amplifier for the wifi security and boost the network in the dead area. All the information like IP address, password, SSID, etc in the back of the urant wireless ac1200 extender you can easily get.

Best setup method of urant wireless ac 1200 repeater with the WPS button-

If you want to set up the urant wifi repeater setup with the WPS button so also require the WPS button on your modem. If you have a new modem, connect it. But if you have an old modem so the first check then set it up. let’s start setup-

  • If you have a new urant wireless ac1200 extender, you need to unbox the device. 
  • Then plug into the device a power electric board near the main wifi router(e.d. in the same room).
  • After that go to the main wifi router and find the WPS button near the reset button.
  • Then press and hold the WPS button for 5 seconds a LED indicator flashes on and releases it.
  • Push the WPS button of the repeater within 20 seconds after releasing the WPS button of the router.
  • Then wait for a few seconds for the signal indicator to light flesh on the 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Check the phone or computer wifi list and locate a new wifi range.
  • If their new wifi name it means urant wireless ac1200 extender setup will be complete.

Login and Set up the urant wireless extender from the setting.

First, you need to set up a repeater with the router then set up the urant wireless ac1200 extender from the setting. Login required to connect the devices either wireless and wide from a computer or mobile. Follow the steps to configure the urant extender to boost the range.

  • Open the pc and launch to any webster and type the IP address of the repeater(you get the IP in the back of the extender on a label.
  • Then tap enter or wait to display the login page. 
  • After that enter the default SSID and password “admin” in the filer. It doesn’t matter if you can type the capital letters or small.
  • Now select the login option and tap on it.
  • Next, you land on the dashboard, where you see repeater mode, router mode, extender details, and other information about the urant wireless ac1200 extender.
  • You need to select the repeater mode and tap on it.
  • Then open the wifi SSID list and select the device SSID name.
  • You can change the wifi name and set the password for the repeater.
  • Finally, the extender setup will be wizard, then wait for 2 minutes and it’s rebooted.
  • It’s connected with your excited wifi network.

How to reset the Urant wireless AC1200 Extender?

For reset plug the urant wireless ac1200 extender in the switchboard and on the button. Then locate the reset button near to the LAN port on the repeater. Then press it for 15 seconds. When the urant wireless ac1200 extender turned off and after 2 minutes automatically turned on the repeater. The reset process will be finished.  

Why is the extender not working? 

If the repeater does not extend the wifi range. so the device needs to be updated. To update the device launch to any browser enter the IP address . then log in to the repeater after login goes to the settings option. Tap on it. Then find the update option and select it. Go to the firmware update or online update. Open the update status if there is a firmware update, then click on it and tap on the firmware update. This possess takes 10 to 1 minute. After complete installation, the dive shows the extender network and connects it.   

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