Veracity Markets Review- Regulation, Account Types Deposit, Withdrawals, and Much More

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Are you searching for an authentic and legit review of the Veracity Markets? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with details regarding the account types offered by Veracity. In addition, you will come to know about the insights regarding deposits and withdrawals. So let’s begin.


Veracity is a highly regulated forex broker, and it is quite safe to trade with it. It is pertinent to mention here that it has the license from the FSCA( Financial Sector Conduct Authority) in South Africa. This regulatory body has a good reputation, so having a license from that broker makes Veracity a safe broker to go for.

Account Opening

Veracity Markets offers you three different types of accounts; therefore, you can pick one according to your requirements and choice. The veracity Markets account options include Standard, ECN, and Fixed account.

Bear in mind that all of these three accounts have different spreads. Furthermore, Standard and Fixed accounts share many similarities, but ECN is quite different.

Standard Account

In the case of the Veracity Standard account, the minimum deposit is $250. Floating spreads begin from the 1.6 pips, and there is a great thing that there is no commission. In addition, if you pick this broker, you will get the option of MetaTrader 4. The maximum leverage is 1:500.

Fixed Account

The second type we are going to discuss here is the fixed account. When it comes to starting trading through this account type, you must have a minimum deposit of $250, just like the standard account.

There are no commission fees, and the spread starts from 2 pips. Maximum leverage is also the same as standard account 1:500.

ECN Account

The Veracity markets minimum deposit is $250 in case of an ECN account. The spread starts from the 0.0 pips, and there are also the commission fees, and its per lot value is $7 only in the case of metals and Forex. You can also get the option of a swap-free account. So, veracity markets minimum deposit to trade nasdaq is best choice. 

Deposit and Withdrawal

Withdrawal and deposition of funds are both smooth and quick on Veracity broker. It takes almost three days to complete either deposit or withdrawal. In addition, you don’t have to pay any fees, and there is also a wide range of options; therefore, depending upon your choice, you can select anyone.

Base Currency of the Veracity Broker

Veracity provides you with 12 base currencies, so depending upon your easiness, you can select one. But always keep in mind that you have the choice to pick one base currency, so make sure to choose the right base one.

Here we will mention the base currencies offered by Veracity.


Final Thoughts

To wrap up the discussion, we must say that we are hopeful that this article will assist you in comprehending the different account types of veracity. Remember that if you want to get profit in forex trading, it is imperative to choose the account type after the proper research.

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