Victim Representation by a Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

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Thousands of people commute to various destinations via road transportation regularly. Estimating the same on a global scale, keeping in mind the current dependency on motor transportation, it is not hard to imagine the footfall our carriageways behold every minute. The reason for Accident Lawyer this is to establish a context about how each driver can heavily contribute to road traffic injuries in a simple case of irresponsible driving.

While there are more than twelve causes of car accidents, distracted driving is perhaps the most frequent and common one. Through this article, you can learn about the various dynamics involved in the analysis of such cases and the assistance an accident victim can retrieve from a distracted driving accident lawyer.

What Defines a Distracted Driving Accident?

Distracted driving accident Lawyers describe this accident as one where the driver is involved in any other activity simultaneous to driving due to which he loses focus to cause a motor collision. The cause of this distraction can be several factors, like talking on a cell phone, sending a text message, consuming food while driving, or even a distraction due to the navigation system. Therefore, distracted driving accident lawyers outline the case under three broad categories: visual, cognitive, and manual.

Who is a Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer?

All licensed drivers have an ethical and legal responsibility to protect themselves as well as fellow passengers or pedestrians around them from any injuries. As such, if anyone is subjected to suffering due to the irresponsible actions of a distracted driver, they are entitled to compensation. To pursue the same, one can seek the legal assistance of a distracted driving accident lawyer. The lawyers generally pursue the case using evidence to prove drivers are guilty. This might involve witness statements, video surveillance, cell phone records, and more.

How can a Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Help a Victim?

Broadly, a victim is entitled to compensation for any sort of loss caused and can pursue it with the help of his lawyer through two main legal courses:

  1. 1.Claiming Insurance: This case usually involves holding the insurance company of the guilty liable to compensate for due charges.
  2. Filing personal injury lawsuit: This advocates for the victim to file a plea through civil court to recompense him for the damage caused.

With the help of a distracted driving accident lawyer, you can be compensated for both economic and non-economic causes. This can incorporate medical bills and future treatment costs, lost or reduced wages based on how the accident affected the victim or even compensation for pain and suffering caused by the traumatic experience.

Is Distracted Driving Accident Preventable?

An overall analysis of such accidents has reported that one of the highest contributing factors to such cases is using cell phones while driving. In the daily rush of life where a person always tends to multi-task, speaking on the phone or texting is a common issue. While we believe that a distraction of just two seconds would not harm us anyway, it actually could be pretty fatal for the driver, fellow passengers as well as anyone around.

So, to the question, of whether distracted driving is preventable, the answer is a fair yes and the biggest prevention measure is the awareness and ethical responsibility of every driver to assess and realize the responsibility they bear of keeping himself and others around safe.

Victims Seeking Representation

Accidents borne due to someone else’s negligence can prove heavily damaging for a person. It is also the responsibility of every victim to realize the consequences he could be subjected to and utilize his right to legal help through a distracted driving accident lawyer to be fairly compensated for all his injuries Read More

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