6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Video Marketing ROI

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We wrote an article on three ways to boost the ROI of your video marketing. These suggestions will aid you in getting the most value from your marketing videos . Give your videos a slight push to get them to get going. From adding subtitles to uploading your videos to social media, and changing colors. Here are three easy ways to make your video more memorable and get an increased return on investment!

Add Captions to Increase Viewer Engagement for Video Marketing

Closed captions are a great way to boost the number of people that view your videos. Recent research shows that as many as one in three online videos are not accessible to people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

If you want your marketing strategies to be as efficient as possible, you must make your videos available to all.

To include closed captions, you need to create a text-based file of the dialogue on the video and then upload that to YouTube videos. It’s as easy as that!

Optimize Videos for Social Media Platforms

One may be surprised to learn that most people are more likely to follow a hyperlink.

That takes them directly to your film rather than one that directs them to the home page of your website. Should you upload videos on any platform on the web (such as Facebook or Twitter). You’ll receive lots of views if you direct the viewers to your video rather than mention the title.

To get the best results, ensure that your videos are designed for social media. By making them shorter than five minutes and refraining from audio effects.

In the event that you create it straightforward for viewers to view and then share your videos in the shortest amount of effort feasible, they’ll be more likely to share it.

Color Schemes Increase Memorability

To ensure that your video content is as unforgettable as possible, you must increase their reach and share-ability. One should also use colors that attract viewers’ attention exactly where you’d like them to be. Perhaps you can achieve this by keeping your background light and focusing on something dark.

One can achieve this effect when you film the videos the front of a blank wall and you in dark clothes.

The color scheme will cause viewers to pay attention to your brand instead of the background. That’s exactly what you’re looking for when you’re marketing your video! When you upload your video to social media sites. By adding an attractive thumbnail picture it will boost your video’s visibility and participation rate.

Offer Rewards With Videos

One of the easiest and most efficient methods of using the power of video is to give rewards in conjunction with videos. Be it giveaways, contests or other activities that are appealing to people to view your videos, ensure that you offer something additional to those who pay at your videos. And encourage them to promote them on other platforms!

Focus on Quality

Quality matters when it is about video marketing. While videos are much more memorable if they’re short. A person must ensure that your videos’ quality is enough to stand out from other online videos.

If viewers observe that your video is of poor production value and isn’t as impressive as other companies’; they won’t upload it to the internet.


Focusing on improving your video’s quality by focusing on improving the quality of your video will greatly increase the likelihood that people will view or share videos!

There is no need for expensive equipment to make amazing videos, and all you require is an iPhone and some essential editing software.

When you’ve got your footage professionally designed and with an impressive production value, it’ll gain more popularity on the internet!

Add a Call-to-Action for Video Marketing

The addition of a call-to-action is an easy method to make sure that your videos’ marketing efforts.

Efforts are as efficient and effective as you can. In the absence of asking viewers to do something, it could be challenging to get them to make a decision in the direction they’ve gained from your videos. or say that they’ve learned anything from them.

A quick and easy method to include a call-to-action is to ask viewers to comment on the arguments. You present within your videos. If you do this you’ll receive instant feedback that will assist you in improving your videos and improve the amount of engagement.

You can also ask viewers to post their opinions in the comments and encourage for their subscription for more of this kind of content.


Keep in mind that video marketing is more than just uploading your video onto YouTube or sharing them on social media.

These easy tips are guaranteed to boost engagement and increase the efficiency of your video!

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