Virtual Vacation: 7 VR Apps to Explore the World

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Traveling is what we love and what we dream about. Unfortunately, many people love to travel, but can’t make their wishes come true due to various reasons. These could be financial and health problems, or other obstacles. The good news is that today modern virtual reality technologies are making travel closer and more accessible!

Now you can, for example, explore the museums in London, or visit an Irish pub without even leaving your room. Imagine that you pick up a Sixt Manchester hire car and enjoy an incredible UK road trip. A hire car gives you pleasant travel moments that you will remember for a lifetime. Plus, it’s very easy and cheap to hire a car wherever you go. All you need to have is virtual reality glasses and a smartphone with the following VR Apps installed on it…


This is an all-virtual travel app with lots of videos, like diving in the Mediterranean, an excursion in Hong Kong, or a winter reindeer ride in Norway. You can watch different videos on your phone screen, but it’s better to wear virtual reality glasses. The app proudly calls itself the number one virtual travel agency and it probably isn’t wrong.



Youvisit is a collection of 360-degree travel videos that you can watch over the Internet without having to download to your phone. However, a good Internet connection is essential. 

The app allows you to visit over 1,000 tourist attractions. This app is especially suitable for those who want to get to know virtually hotels, restaurants, concert venues, and other places in order to decide where to go during their vacation.

Discovery VR 

Discovery is the largest company that takes the world of virtual reality very seriously. It offers a wide variety of beautiful videos about nature and interesting attractions. The application catalog is divided into convenient categories. So, you can head to the mountains, enjoy diving and witness culturally specific events – be it a samurai sword fight in Japan or an Irish pub night in Dublin.

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Although Lufthansa hasn’t developed a standalone VR travel app, it has created excellent content that introduces cities around the world. Clips lasting an average of 45 minutes will take you to major cities – London, Beijing, San Francisco, Miami, and many others. You can watch videos on Youtube, but virtual reality glasses will provide you with a truly unforgettable experience.

Within VR 

It’s one of the best VR-enabled mobile apps. It allows you to visit real sights and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fictional worlds. The list of attractions includes locations from North Korea, Hong Kong, Rwanda, and the famous Olympic National Park in the United States. 

Within VR provides documentaries, music videos, horror stories, space flights, and more. New excursions appear every month. By the way, all this is available for free, without annoying pop-ups and restrictions.



This application makes it possible to experience the thrill of extreme sports. It can be used, for example, to paraglide over Icelandic glaciers or the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. Among the videos, you will find many National Geographic and Discovery footage. Therefore, expect to see fantastic views of nature. 

After watching all the travel videos, you can go for impressions in other categories – sports, cars, fashion, celebrities, or music.

VeeR VR 

VeeR VR is one of the fastest-growing virtual reality applications in the world. What makes it especially popular with users is the ability to upload your own videos. 

In the application, you can create interesting thematic categories and view them on the Internet anytime and anywhere. A large amount of user-uploaded content will allow you to look into the most secluded places on the planet.

Tent View | This was the view as I woke up on Day 3. We had … | Flickr

Sites in VR 

The app offers stunning virtual trips. You will see waterfalls, ancient tombs, towers, palaces, and other objects on your smartphone screen. For maximum immersion, you need VR goggles. 

The list of countries includes France, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, and other regions. Sites in VR allows you to set up streaming for comfortable interaction with content. To see the landmarks in great detail, use the pan gesture just like on any smartphone.


Take a look at NASA-generated virtual content entirely dedicated to Mars. Yes, it’s very interesting to look at what is happening on another planet. 

NASA experts have collected thousands of images taken by research stations and created a virtual tour of the red planet. So, you can enjoy it with virtual reality glasses.

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