VoIP Phone Services: What You Need to Know

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What is VoIP?

What used to be called telephony or VoBB (Voice Over Broadband), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method of data delivery wherein your voice, or other multimedia, is sent through IP (Internet Protocol) networks or through a packet-switched network. Or more simply and succinct, it allows you to make phone calls over the internet. VoIP is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for small business. Because not only does it provide a cheaper and more reliable alternative to a landline, with fewer overall usage fees and no long distance charges, it also offers features that typically cost extra for no charge at all. VoIP also be fully integrated so that as long as a proper adapter is placed between the existing phone line and your high speed internet connection, anyone connected to the network through not only their PC, but also smart phones or tablets, can make calls using the VoIP.

What To Look For

Before choosing a VoIP, it is best to consider what the service plan consists of and what features you may need. Here are some key factors in helping you decide.

Service Plans

More than likely the most important decision you’ll make is when deciding on a service plan that works best for you. When researching what you’ll need, look for plans that offer things like unlimited minutes, the ability to make long-distance and international calls, and allow you to keep your existing phone numbers. Decide on additional features like the ability to add second lines, assign toll-free-numbers, and be able to send and receive fax services.


Any plan you choose should include the basics like voice mail, conference calling, and caller ID. But some additional features you may consider are like directory 411 assistance, and e911, which will automatically transmit your geographic location and your name to emergency services in the event that you can not voice call.

Ease of Setup

When you make the switch, it should be a simple process. There shouldn’t be a need for previous tech knowledge or complicated directions. Basically, it should be as easy as flipping a switch. Avoid any plan that requires more than this.


If you encounter a problem, the help should literally be a phone call away. Look for a service that offers free support for their products through, not only telephone, but also live chat, email, and stand alone documentation like FAQ’s through their website.

Bottom Line

VoIP is a rich and viable alternative to traditional phone services. They offer many premiums that are not only cheaper than land-lines, but are more user-friendly and overall more easily customizable to fit your needs. Put simply, it’s easy to make the switch. For all of your VoIP needs feel free to contact us any time. 4 Corner IT deploys and support Cloud VoIP systems that increase your technology reach, lower your telecom costs and give you piece of mind.

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