Ways to Discuss a Successful sales pitch

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Does it feel like someone is trying to sell you something everywhere you turn? No matter where you are, you are bombarded with ads. When someone sales pitch a product, service, or idea in a way that resonates with you, you’re persuaded to invest your time, money, and/or effort.


Your sales pitch can make or break the deal, so it’s a good idea to have that nailed down before meeting with your customer. It’s your opening line, your verbal business card, and the first thing your customer will hear when you call or meet with them.


Let’s flip things around, though. What if you’re a seller – you know, the one who wants to pitch a product, service, or solution? Understanding how to meet sales pitch buyer’s specific needs and engage with them is vital to making the sale.


Do A LOT of Research 

(And Know Answers to Tough Questions!) Every interaction with your buyer requires you to be ‘in the know’ about their market but more importantly about the challenges they’re facing. 


Before you pitch your concept, you need to have answers in your pocket. Today’s buyers are different and often in need of a ‘trusted advisor’ to help them in their decision process.  


Starting with their problem and how you could help solve it is a great way to get their attention. If you’ve done your homework about their industry or have insight into how one of their competitors is doing something, you create even more value for that prospect. 

Start with the problem

 Always start with the problem. Unless they know the problem you can solve, they won’t be open to hearing how your product is a solution.

Start off with a personal anecdote.

Start off a pitch with what you know best — yourself. While I don’t think you should focus solely on yourself throughout your entire pitch, sales pitch off with a personal anecdote can help you speak with more authenticity and foster empathy.


The key here isn’t to focus on the product’s merits. How many product pitches start off with “This product helped me achieve X results in X amount of time”? A lot. And I’m already yawning. And no one cares about results unless they know the problem first.


Show Current Growth and Progress

People want to invest in something that has already been proven. Significant projected growth rates can only be possible based on major traction in the here and now. 


Talk about your current customers, the growth rate in the last six months, and how your product, service, or solution has been and continues to improve. 

Ask a question that relates to the problem you solve.

Oh yes, the good old question. While it might verge on overused, it’s not to be dismissed. Asking questions is a highly effective way to start a pitch. The question should, again, focus on the problem.


Stick to yes or no questions and tailor it specifically to the business you’re pitching to. If you’re speaking to a real estate business, create a question that articulates a problem specifically experienced by real estate firms.


  • Offer stakes. If they don’t solve the problem using your solution, what do they have to lose? You don’t need to state it in such clear terms — but alluding to the risks at the start of your pitch can help you secure buy-in straightaway.


Select Benefits

Content for pitching and selling should focus on addressing the needs of customers. How will your products, services, or concepts help serve your customer base? Do you have evidence to support that this area is not being adequately met by the competition?


Features are secondary to the benefits themselves. Can this product or service be used within an existing interface, does it “play nicely” with other technology?


Key takeaway

The preparation that is done prior to a pitch helps determine the strategy that will sell the company’s product, service, or concept to interested parties. 


Research bolsters your standing during negotiations. Keep all of the data handy and in one convenient location to show at any time. Modus helps sell your pitch with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to present charts, PDFs, videos, and even testimonials from current customers Learn More

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