Ways to Watch Out From Cheap Asphalt Driveways Melbourne

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How do the Scammers approach?

A scammer asphalt driveways Melbourne contractor leaves a pamphlet at your doorstep or might just knock on your door.  They also claim that they have been working in the particular area. Just show up after seeing the condition of your asphalt driveways or sidewalks. They claim that since they are working in the same vicinity. They would provide you with a discounted price if you agree to get the work done. These scammers hesitate when the homeowners ask questions about the process. About their business set up as to where it is located and who it belongs to.

Once you pay them and the transaction gets completed. These scam contractors might just completely disappear, and you will never be able to track them. The contact number, the email id, or the address they have provided you may also not be right and work. This will quickly make you realize that the details provided to you were a sham. If you start protesting against them, these contractors may try using intimidation tactics, such as threatening to use a lawsuit.

Asphalt Driveways Melbourne

In some of the cases, the contractors actually work, but once it is completed, it is unprofessional and shoddy. But you could not do anything as you have done the full payment. So it becomes impossible for you to reach out to the company for the alleged contractors. They might have used the wrong contact information or have registered themselves under a false name. So in of the chances mentioned above, getting a refund or the work fixed are slim.

Listing down some of the warning signals that an asphalt driveways Melbourne service provider is running a fraudulent business:

●    They sell their services door-to-door

Although some of the door-to-door services are reliable and legitimate, scammers use such tactics for a few different reasons. First, many people have trouble dismissing the legal practitioner. Can be convinced easily that their asphalt driveways Melbourne needs paving. Second, these fraud salespeople are very persuasive, but they do not have any professional sales materials like contracts. Brochures that are needed to gain the confidence that they have a licensed and established business.

●    They provide cheap proceed services

Such fraudulent asphalt driveways contractors provide discounted pricing that often seems to be very true. The scammers have the ability to trick the homeowners into thinking that they have been getting the best deal. It is legitimate businesses that are the real scammers who charge higher prices for all the services.

●    They claim they have leftover materials from their previous projects

Offering a lower price than other contractors present in the market is one of the best ways of getting someone’s business. Make sure that you focus on the reasons why they are offering discounted rates for their services. It is very common for scammers to convince the homeowners by saying that they have leftover asphalt paving materials from their previous projects. Whereas the professional asphalt driveways Melbourne contractors are aware of how much asphalt is required for paving a driveway. The professionals consult their clients first and take the proper measurement before they actually gather the materials they need.

●    They force and urge you to make an immediate decision

Most scammers often try to convince you to make decisions about using their services at that spot itself. Especially telling if they warn you that these discounted rates are only available the day they have come knocking.

●    They ask for payments in cash

The scammer’s asphalt driveways Melbourne contractors will force you or convince you to pay for the services in cash. It is very hard, if not impossible, to substantiate or trace the cash transactions. If you even prefer paying in cash, then do not pay for a service in cash until you have a written and legitimized contract that outlines all the costs. Avoid paying a single penny until your project gets completed as per your satisfaction.

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