What an ideal floor plan for home should consists of? Best vastu consultant in India answers!

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Best vastu consultant in India recommends getting vastu compliant floor plan for your home. This ensures that no major vastu defects lies in it. 

Today, Best vastu consultant in India shows how an ideal floor plan should look like. So, let us begin. 

Placement of the main door

The main door of the vastu act as its threshold and thus immense importance for its placement must be given. Though each side has some positive spots for main door, in general, north and east facing vastus are considered as best.

Placement of Puja Room

Since the north east zone is the house of lord Shiva, it symbolizes divinity. This is most suitable for temple placement because worshiping here can help you connect to the divine energy.

After north west, the west zone can be utilized for temple placement.

Placement of Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is usually for the couples, parents or guardians of the vastu. For best result, try to place your master bedroom in the south-west (zone of stability) or south zone (peace of relaxation). 

For newly married couple, the north of north west (zone of sex and attraction) and east of north east (zone of fun and recreation) zones are great options as well, suggests Best vastu consultant in India.

Bedrooms in north, east and west are considered good as per vastu rules. 

Placement of Children’s Bedroom

Since children need focus and opportunity in their life, the most ideal zone for the children’s bedroom is north zone, followed by west.

Make sure they don’t sleep in the ENE or WNW zones for obvious reasons as mentioned in section above. Also, avoid placing TV, or mirror, computer etc in their room.

Placement of the Guest Bedroom

For getting best of out the vastu, allocate the north west zone for guest room, followed by north east zone. Sleeping in either of these bedrooms for long by vastu occupants should be avoided. 

Placement of Kitchen

Kitchen represents fire element and thus its placement must be done very wisely. Place the kitchen in the south zone, preferably in either south of south east (SSE) or south east for getting the best result. 

Placement of the Bathroom and toilets 

To make sure that bad energy from toilet does not ruin the vastu of entire home, you must place them in proper zone itself. These are; 

  • south of south west (SSW), 
  • west of north west (WNW), and 
  • east of south east (ESE).

Likewise make sure you never place them in north east, south east, south west or Brahmasthan of the vastu. The very same rules apply for the septic tank placement as well. 

Placement of Living Room

The living room vastu matters for 2 reasons; it represents both bonding with family and guests. For best bonding and socializing result, place it in the east of north east (ENE) or north-east zone.

There are many other good zones for it in the vastu. Only remember to avoid the zones of toilet. 

Placement of the Staircase

The staircase vastu is as crucial as main door vastu according to the Best vastu consultant in India. You can place the same in north, south, east or west zones of the vastu. 

Only remember to avoid its placement in 5 zones, namely; north east, south east, north west, south west and Brahmasthan of the vastu. 

Placement of the Dining Hall

Dining room vastu is crucial to ensure that the residents of the vastu receives proper amount of nutrients from food. It is helpful to keep a healthy body and mind. 

Place it in the West zone for best result. There are many more good options for it as well, like east, south, north and so on. But avoid south west and zones of toilet altogether.

Placement of Study Room/table

For getting best result place the study room or study table in the west of south west (WSW) zone followed by north west corner.

Placement of Store Room

Store can contain cluttering, reminds Best vastu consultant in India. To balance the same, try to allocate it in north west zone. Try never to allocate it in the northeast corner.

Also try to discard excessive luggage from vastu that are no longer in use. This will help in manage the level of cluttering in the vastu. 

Placement of Water Tanks

There are 2 kinds of water tank. For underground water tank (which represent water element), the best zones are- north, north east and north-west, as these too represent water.

For overhead water tank (which represent earth element), the best direction is south-west corner. If it is blocked, you can place it in west zone as well.

You can get customized floor plan for your home from Best vastu consultant in India as well. Book an appointment today at Vaastu Mangaal.

Description- Best vastu consultant in India gives a brief idea of an ideal floor plan of a house should look like. Check out which zone is most ideal for which purpose.

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