What are Bad Chest genetics – What to do?

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Bad chest genetics cause you to have an uneven chest. While for some people gaining the chest muscles is easy, for some it is a hard nut to crack. Many times, we meet bodybuilders with big bodies but flat chests. Asking them about the reason, they usually refer to bad genes. Having tried ‘everything’, they blame the bad chest genes. So, does that mean you can’t have those pectoral muscles?

Stop right there! ‘Cause we have news for you!


Don’t blame the bad chest genetics, ok!! We get those genes that play a vital role in our lives. We get the uniqueness of our lives from our genes. So, we can say that genetics play a very essential role in our daily lives. Considering bodybuilding we can’t exclude the genetic factors, but no, we’re not buying that talk, when you blame everything on the genes.

There are enough reports and studies to back up the fact that even though your genes don’t support you much, with regular smart exercises you could build your pectoral (chest) muscles. But you tried everything right?

Don’t get disheartened and think that you could do nothing about it! Now, you can! With a little bit of support from our side and sincere efforts from your side, you can also achieve those thick and full pectorals. Simply follow these simple exercises and beat the bad chest genetics. Don’t forget to thank us later!

Don’t Run After those Mega Heavyweights!

It is as simple as that! Use less resistance and do 6-12 reps and work those chest muscles. Don’t run after mega heavyweights that limit you from making more repetitions. It is better if you consistently work your chest muscles.

Make sure that your chest muscles are working

It is a mind-muscle connection thing. Do the training at a relatively slower pace and feel the muscle working. Start with lesser weights and gradually increase the weights. if you could feel your chest muscles working while you bench press, you are more likely to build the pectoral muscles and beat the bad chest genetics. On the whole, exercise mindfully and focus on your muscles.

Don’t waste efforts and energy

Keep your exercises simple. If you’re focused around the chest area, do go doing out of the world multiple exercises one after another. Many bodybuilders are fired up to do multiple bench presses, inclines, and declines in a single session as if all the chest muscle is going to build in one day. Avoid this mistake. Try to do only one type of bench press and one type of incline and decline exercise.

Shift your Approach

Once in a while, to gain better fruitful results, shift your focus on shifting your approach. Instead of following the same routine and doing the same number of reps each time, try to change the exercises in between. As for the number of reps sometimes you could go a little lower like 3-5 reps and sometimes you could go a little higher like 12-20reps. With this, you would notice that your bad chest genetics are gone for good!

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